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Recent content by Lord Godwin

  1. Lord Godwin

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    I'm still sad we got no Legends characters
  2. Lord Godwin

    December 2nd: PM2019 134 - The Future I Seize!

    Why Horace uses Garderovoir and not Meganium?
  3. Lord Godwin

    Project Mew (1222)

    We got Swampert no so long ago with Wallace. IMO, Feraligatr would've been better as we got both Meganiun (Ash PWT fight) and Typhlosion (Articuno episode) and Feraligatr is the only Johto Starter left out here. Speaking about, am I the only person surprised Horace uses Garderovoir and not...
  4. Lord Godwin

    Who is Ash's best (human) friend?

    Probably Brock. Iris understands him the bet, though.
  5. Lord Godwin

    So how much do y’all think the PWC is going to be referenced in the new *possible* series?

    He will forget he won one for like half od the series
  6. Lord Godwin

    Project Mew (1222)

    Goh has Suicine while Tokio Virizion - interesting...
  7. Lord Godwin

    What if each Gym Leader/Elite 4 member/Champion/Trial Captain/Kahuna were the 1st Gym Leader?

    Ok, time for Paldea:) I not sure what to do with Instructors who outside of Dedera and Tyme do not really have a Type-based Team. I can try to go with Teams based on the Terra-types they use for their Ace. As always the benchmark on number of Pokemon and Levels will be the 1st GL of the...
  8. Lord Godwin

    How is the games performance?

    I'm around 5th Gym (with 3 Star Bosses and 3 Titan beaten) and had 2 instances where the game Frozen/an error occoured: 1. When I started Bug gym Test (Black screen, only music and nothing happening). 2. Once I defeated Mela. I got an error message and needed to do the whole fire base quest from...
  9. Lord Godwin

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    She gives me very Ash/Goku mix vibes
  10. Lord Godwin

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    I want Ash and Nemona as the main point of the series. Both being Champions and starting with a new Team bar starter Pikachu and Pawmi (or one of its evos). I can totally see Ash with a Charcadet.
  11. Lord Godwin

    Thoughts on the Masters 8/PWC as a whole?

    If Ash stays I can see a Ash-Nemona and Pikachu-Pawmi student-mentor or rival-rival relationship.
  12. Lord Godwin

    Thoughts on the Masters 8/PWC as a whole?

    They just wanted Ash to beat no 3, no 2 and no 1.