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  • Depending on who's doing it we would.

    We could get it going really well, with the right people.

    Okay so my friend who owns a game store. I have the idea of some of the other friends, and workers dressing up as Nintendo characters when the ne wSSB comes out, and standing outside and fighting.

    Good idea or bad idea?

    Happy 105th birthday, man. I wish I had seen as many fads come and go as you.

    Seriously, though - that made my day over on the front page. I watched your prank video, too - that gave me a good laugh.
    Yeah, it' never good to force anything on anyone. I remember when I first saw a game play of Touhou, it looks very hard, but now it's a lot less harder now that I play often.
    FRAPS? Did you have to buy it or is it something you can download?
    I would love to introduce her to Touhou, but I don't know how I would go about talking to her again....long story.
    Not a lot of people in my area play Touhou because..
    1.) They don't know what it is
    2.) They aren't big on video games
    3.) If they have played, they were probably too impatient to keep practicing.
    What to do you use to record your replays?
    Oh, you're lucky to have a friend outside of the internet that likes Touhou ><
    I mean, I know this one girl that might be interested, buy I haven't talked to her in a long time
    I can imagine a really devoted Touhou fan buying the old PC 98 system just to play the old games.
    I found out about Touhou last year through a video about old internet memes, and they had the meme "Honk honk" with Chen.
    How did you find out about it?
    Ahhh, that's what you meant.
    I actually downloaded them with an emulator, but the thing is in Japanese, so I don't know how to make it work.
    I'll most likely will be getting it, but I know what you mean, Touhou consumes a big portion of your life once you discover it huh?
    I also heard that if you bomb Flandre right before she dies, she'll turn into a bat and stay that way without attacking you for a few minutes or so.
    B-but Sanae is a good girl!
    Did you finish Black?
    The music for PMD is usually very dreamy and..and, kind of hard to explain. It gives me a good feeling though.
    I heard that if you bomb Orin in her cat form the second time she appears just before she attacks you, it makes her disappear, for some reason.
    I'm pretty sure its just some glitch.
    Last time I played Pokemon was a few weeks ago, it was Pokemon Black.
    I haven't played PMD in years
    It would be a lot easier if you could see your hit box huh?
    Oh yes, I've heard of that safe spot, but I haven't tried it yet.
    Speaking of SA, doesn't the extra stage theme kinda sounds like something you would hear on PMD?
    Ive actually made it to Flandre this time but her spell Cranberry trap is what takes most of my lives, not to mention she turns into a bat when you bomb. About safe spots, I saw this video where you could be right in front of the as they spam tons of little bullets, I forgot which character and what spell/non-spell though
    That's what I thought as well.
    So last night I finally unlocked the extra stage in EoSD, but I kept dying at Patchouli =_="
    I actually played MoF not too long ago on normal mode, and I made it to Kanako, but not to her last spell unfortunately.
    I would draw a lot of Touhou related stuff, but I really can't draw soo good, especially people. (I even have a Deviant art page full of nothing) One last question, quite a while back, I was playing IN on easy mode, but somehow I unlocked the extra stage anyway...do you know how that might've happened?
    I didn't even know what Touhou was 4 years ago..
    I think the biggest problem I have with playing on lunatic is that I tend to freak out easily and spam a lot of bombs, which messes me up for the next pattern of bullets.
    I haven't noticed that before, on Kanako's last spell that is, probably because I didn't get that far on normal mode.
    On another side of Touhou, do you ever draw fan art of write any fan fiction?
    Oh, oh my God! You've only been playing for a year!? I was on easy mode for 4 months! How did it go the first time you played on lunatic mode?
    I hate Kanako's last spell, even on easy modo. (But only kids play on easy mode!)
    I only played the fighting games once, but I didn't get an English patch for it yet and I didn't know what the controls were
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