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  • thanks.

    yeah I can PM you everything I can remember if you like.

    no reply when you ready to talk tomorrow okay.
    hi happy new year.

    how are you?

    me well I trying to remember a kid show i watched when I was little but no luck, I rmember what the main feature of the main character were and some parts of episode but that it.
    yeah same here, but Australia isn't out of the blue yet.

    yeah sorry to hear that. I hope I wasn't sounding rude.

    I just hope it end soon.
    yeah true so there not really much to worry about, but yeah I just glad Australia wasn't hit as hard as the rest of the world.
    Foreclosure? what that?

    and I see, now I worry about my friend even more.

    well it hard to fine a job but overall we weren't hit hard as most of the other country.

    but I still worry about my friend here.
    Fiscal Reckoning? what that?

    Now I worry about a friend I know on here.

    yeah here in Australia, our government did what was need so we wouldn't be hit hard.
    I emptied the list completely during the few months my profile was disabled. I'm rebuilding it now. ^_^;
    im not a pro in sc but i play quite well(not bragging im not good enough to do that)...and i quit playing wow at the time u capped at lv 40...so i missed many stuff i mean now you even have death knights and lycans out there...and truth is like if there is another oparation cwal going on with scII i just hope that i get a decent computer on the launch date of it. even tough i did suscribe for the beta testing with my computer info mainly coz blizzard does testings on every computer sets to test how their games work on each one(other thing wich blizzard is famous at).
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