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  • hm hm. i'd love to see the original commercial, did you know that the teddybear is a parody on a big washingmachine soap fabrician? it's their mascot.

    Yeah, I guess I probably should fill one of those out. It would be stupid to not at least try to fill one out.

    Erg...that looks quite uncomfortable. I hope that gets taken care of soon.
    Ah. Yeah. I've heard that does happen from time to time.

    That's interesting...I'm sure they'll go over this at school, when we have the "college preparation" day...but then again, they might not. Book scholarships? What are those? If it has to do with buying books, then yeah, from what I've seen of college book prices, I'll need some help there. >_>

    Ouch. That indeed sucks. Speaking of your eye, how's it been going? Is everthing all settled up, or are more surgeries needed?
    That doesn't sound very fun at all. I hope that you can get the issues with you FAFSA figured out..

    Yeah. Unfortunately, I will need financial aid. I definitely don't have enough money to pay for college - community, public or private.

    Summer's been kinda relaxing as well...just some issues which revealed to me the true natures of some people that I've incorrectly been labeling 'friend'.
    i contacted him, he seems to be interested in it. i have send him a message with the duties and to ask him to approve and if all goes well we have a new person in the team.
    i saw him, it's kind of him to offer his help. i know him as a good person on the forum i think he'll make a good help in the thread.

    i'll send him a message.
    i havn't seen evilAzn in the thread for some time now i'm not sure, however it is be a good idea to have a look in the thread for people who might be capable for this thing. lately there is alot of activity i'll just keep my eyes open there and should i find a good person i simply ask.
    well then, i'll keep it as it is. however i do need someone that has more time to be around, you are very busy with school and you have to keep in touch with people here, might it be an idea to ask around for people that might be interested in helping me out in the thread?
    hey scalgon, i have some stuff to talk about featuring the platinum frontier rankinghall.
    i just received a question from one of the regular users if it wouldn't be a good idea if we changed the picturerule from optional to required from streaks above 70 in order to reduce scams and postcount+1.

    i thought about it and i find it a good plan to work on but things like that bring in people who don't post those streaks which makes me end up repeating myself alot of times, i am thinking about it for some time now but how about asking someone to help in the thread as an assistant who will focus on helping people getting their streaks done right which can also serve as the next maintainer in line just in case? i don't have any plans to quit the job i can assure you that but i do want to have a back up person.
    Thank you, Lord Scalgon, but forget the birthday for a moment- your August is going to be far more eventful than mine! Wow, it's all piling up... What awful luck to have your state make financial aid cuts at this pivotal moment. =/ I really hope you'll find some way to manage things~

    (P.S.: I don't drink at all, so no worries. ^_^)
    Yeah, I'll do that because I need a lot of help with major/career decisions. A lot of people are comfortable with leaving it open-ended, but I'm not like that, I want to have closure as soon as possible. That's just how I am about everything.

    As for ratemyteachers/professors, I don't generally judge teachers based on their ratings on there, and I would disagree with them some of the times, but I did find that a high school teacher or two on there that were given poor ratings and turned out to be just as bad as it said. I will definitely take a look at it nonetheless.
    That is good advice about the GEs, and what I most likely would have wound up naturally doing. Well, I'll let you know how things go when the time comes.
    Not for EoSD...
    Reimu B is awesome in PCB though.

    Really? I didn't know that either, it says nothing about it on the wiki.
    Yes, I play on lunatic, but I haven't been doing well lately because my good keyboard broke ages ago so now I can only play the fighting games well.

    It's been longer then a year now, what made you think I still was crap?
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