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  • I missed your birthday by 20 days lol, so super duper belated happy birthday I hope it was swell!!

    It was on the down low because we hadn't made it official yet, but now it's all G and I am as happy as can be. :)
    hahaha it's okay same here actually

    College is alright, sadly i'm only home for 3 more days before I gotta head back to school actually. I need to get a job and I'm sorta in a relationship but it's kinda on the down low right now. LOL Life's been really good actually. Happy New Year's Eve btw!!
    gen 6 events with 6ivs are hacks just so you know. getting a 6iv beneficial nature through sr is slim to none
    Yeah, I personally love Mega Audino, however, I wanted to see its viability in Single Battles. I guess you can use Skill Swap to play with the opponent and as you stated, play with Mega Audino like you would with Cresselia. It's a shame that people are really bashing this pokemon.
    Yus..... IT'S ALIVE!!!!

    It's been too freaking long that's for sure~~ I have been to many places since we last talked actually (traveled across East Asia for a month!!) But that's probably not what you meant, I've just been away from Serebii I guess... started with having too many creeps on Skype and I was put off visiting lots of social websites as I didn't want to talk to people online as I was still sick of the harassment I got off others. BUT I'm alright with it again after joining some art-based websites which got me back the confidence I needed to start talking to others online again~

    As for how I've been, I'm doing great!! Life's pretty good for me at the moment which is awesome! How're doing yourself?
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