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  • i will be available in the next week or so, im in the middle of moving ATM so i dont have wifi access, but soon enough i will be able to
    ah, sorry buddy, ive been away for a year in the caribbean and only got back last month so trying to catch up on pokemon
    Heh, it's fine. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to reply over Christmas break, either - going to Florida woo! Apparently there's Internet only in the cafe, which sounds a little weird, so I guess I'll just wait and see.

    Ach, that sounds rough. Good job on the Chemistry, though! I don't know how hard it is over there, but around here, at my age, it's literally just spewing out the textbook the way they want you to. Is it the same over there? Still, at least they're over now!

    Yup! Hmm... I'll have to boot up my game later, but off the top of my head: All three Kalos starters, Fletchling, Bunnelby..............

    Yeah okay I'll boot up my game. I also have HA Venipede, Goomy, Abra, Eevee, Dratini, Shuppet, Torchic, Vulplix and Gligar.

    Not a bad group, although I'm also planning to HA farm my Friend Safaris and grab a Telepathy/Skill Swapper to nab a Toxic Boost Zangoose. I'm not at that stage, though. And ofc, a bunch in BW2.

    Ah, well that's great then :) Glad to hear it all worked out.

    Well, glad to hear it. 5 guaranteed IVs + guaranteed nature = easy breeding; it's only the abilities/last IV that gives people trouble really. But if you want shiny, RNG'd Pokemon... well, suffice to say, I don't plan on making Pokebank a regular app that I use.

    Speaking of Pokebank... do you ever leave a "guardian team" of Pokemon behind? So a group of high levelled Pokemon in that game, in case you ever want to play through it again? Or would you just reset?
    Alright, that's great. Let me know what you decide. :) I'll be ready to trade in about a week, but I may be able to do it sooner.
    It's in Japan and it's just part of the event. If you win, you get the Pokémon. Simple as that
    Ouch. :c It's revved down now, though next term I have mocks/an easy Maths qualification and the term after... the dreaded GCSEs. Did it go alright?

    Ah, that's good. I've got Y, so yeah. The rules are great, actually, as is WT. I've already got a 5 IV Bunnelby (Huge Power, Adamant), after breeding once from a WT'd Bunnelby, and possibly a 6IV one, I have to check, though I'm in a XY rivalry run (top seed whilst nuzlocking woo), so it's kinda hard (though I do have KazoWAR IV checker). Still, atm I'm holed up SRing for Yveltal - whilst Synchronise/3 garaunteed 31 IVs helps, it's still a pain (I want a spread of 31/31/20ish/31/20ish/31).

    Ah, sounds rough. I actually was in a German debate... ended horribly. But if it was in English... oh god, I could argue so much better. SO. MUCH BETTER. T_T Ah, you have work? I didn't know that. What was this spot of trouble then? Is it resolved?

    How many? Well... considering the XY breeding mechanics, I would say a team of 8/9 non-shiny, XY avaliable 'mons (and only some with HA) would be reasonable. I would count RNG'd Pokemon (Gen 5) as 2 of these Pokemon... or 5/6 RNGs. But I'm not sure if I want to pay for Pokebank a lot... Cuz I won't use it much anyways

    I will admit that that one is a commonly recurring dilemma in such scenarios, and that there are more thought provoking ones - for example, diseases would be a major issue in a time travel story. Going into the past would risk infecting everyone with something that their bodies aren't protected against, and going into the future would be putting yourself at risk by the same principle. And that's just one problem - there are plenty of others; spacial expansion, cultural changes over time, intertemporal trade, temporal wars... enough to write numerous stories about that I certainly would if only I could successfully structure my thoughts within the vessel that is WordPad. But that probably won't be happening soon, I'm afraid. Maybe later in life.

    I will try to dig it up when I can. :)

    Wow. Well then I wonder just how many of my more ancient posts are still floating around on here... :p
    I apologize for being so late again. Work and life have been rather consuming and I've been hit with two separate illnesses over the last two weeks - it hasn't been pleasant. I'm still stuffy and such, although the worst of it all seems to have passed. I haven't even been as active on the boards as usual. :C

    Hope it helps alleviate the wait a little, although I suppose it is a bit dependent on a lot of things happening at once. These last few months have been like that for me, so it's been easier to look foward to whatever's closest. But in, say, springtime, it's harder because I never have much to do or look forward to aside from my birthday, so the wait always feels very elongated.

    I never really understood RNGing, but it always looked complicated to me so if that is an accurate assessment, then yeah, I can imagine some RNGers being a little miffed about the function being dampened. Just like the value of Shinies going down due to their increased availability, which is both a curse and a blessing (although I feel a little left out of the fun, as everyone but me seems to be finding Shinies left and right - in my life, I've only ever found three, and of those, I've only caught two).

    Believe me, I understand busy. :p The stack of books next to my bed that I will read at some indefinite point is a testament to that. Or, more appropriately, the list of anime that I've been meaning to watch. It's why I tend to prefer the ones with 30 or fewer episodes (although on the bright side, I find that those generally have a stronger narrative thrust due to their contracted length).
    Hey, hey. Sorry for the wait, school's been a killer lately. Hopefully it should get better after this exeat, though.

    Yeah, I'm not too bad myself. Playing through Y, going on Showdown when I can, making preliminary preparations to breed 6IV Gooey Goomies...

    How about yourself?

    If there's anything you want competitively bred/RNG'd, I can still do it. Since I still haven't payed you back, and probably (how it's looking like) never will pay you back our agreed terms.
    @the older post:

    It has actually come up a few times more in the Things That Don't Make Sense thread, and I kind of enjoy seeing how my arguments have developed since then. However, I still try to be more open to interpretation now.

    Oh, I just assumed that old posts kind of dissipated after a while. I didn't think that it would have been removed for some reason. :p
    Aaand then I'm late again. Well, I suppose one can't make progress without making mistakes. :p

    Well, I do kind of hate it when it gets busy, but that's mostly just because of the stress it puts on me and luckily, that doesn't happen too often.

    Well, Christmas isn't too far off. :) What I usually do is focus on other stuff that I'm excited about that is coming out sooner so that the other stuff act as "stepping stones" to each other.

    If I knew anything about breeding beyond "stick them in the day care together," I would probably be very excited about that. Although it, like EV training, seems to have been made more accessible so maybe I will take the time to learn.

    It is quite obscure, to the point that I was shocked when my girlfriend told me that she had actually heard of it before. Regardless, I think that it is very solid and well-composed. And I discovered it purely by chance, as one day I was looking at the "TV Tropes Will Enrich Your Life" page and saw somebody mention it, and literally thought to myself "eh, why not" before clicking. Ahh, serendipitous ambivalence.

    Not yet, no (Let's pretend as if I wasn't just playing Y a lot), but now that Halloween has passed and I've taken a break from totally-not-playing-Y-a lot, I'll try to get to it over the weekend.

    I am particularly fond of the scenario that I had conceived involving a man who goes back in time and sires himself but then turns out to be a deadbeat who never pays child support because his own dad was a deadbeat who never payed child support. The courts are baffled, as making him pay child support would create a paradox and they're not sure if they can risk it. :p (Although thinking about it now, that's actually rather morbid...)
    If you still need them, then yeah, I can breed those 3 and hold onto them until you get the game. Any idea when you might get it?

    I took a look at your shop, and if I could get Meloetta from you, then that would be what I wanted.
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