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  • UGH MATH. I wish you the best of luck with that. I was supposed to take AP Calculus but noooooo way was I going to stay in that class, i got out of there as fast as i could and took Statistics instead. Line plots and bar graphs are much less stressful compared to that mule jumble crap in calculus. Seeing what my fellow classmates are going through that are taking that class makes me so relived i decided to switch out of it. AP Chemistry however, is seriously kicking me in the behind I spend hours on it everyday (if i feel like it lol) I thought it wouldn't be that bad seeing as I like chemistry so much during my junior year, but boy oh boy was I wrong. Don't get me wrong it's a cool class there's just so much work on top of the work i'm already procrastinating on.
    I hope things work for you and your old man.
    True true and he's stupid intentionally (the ex anyway) XP
    better hide that toilet paper man, that stuff is precious.
    Ahhh i've been alright mainly busy with school. Senior year has been stressful so far. My family is doing great and lol no boyfriend, no offense but guys are stupid. As for my friends I guess they're doing alright, several of them went off to college which sucks and i miss them dearly. The dog is a crazy little beast but i love her to death.
    ....3 months later lol
    oh my gosh it has been so long since i've actually been on here I'd give you like a 10 month recap of everything that's happened since i've been on here but that would take forever. hahaha how are you though?
    I believe that you cancelled the Smeargle? Since it had no HA.

    EDIT: I believe that only one IOU has been paid off, in exchange for a Mewtwonite Y?
    Hahaha, a soda from the U.K all the way to the U.S would probably end up being expired xD, yeah, I can't really argue with your theoretical calculations. It seems to make sense with the emphasis on Defense and Special Attack. I think people are just so used to having Prankster Sabeleye that people just wanted a bulkier prankster Sabeleye once its Mega Evolution was introduced. Personally, I believe Magic Bounce is perfect. The two abilities really compliment on each other for setting up and stalling.
    That's a perspective I never even considered. Personally, I think Mega Sabeleye will have enough of an increase in special defence to be able to withstand one special attack, however, having a Bold Calm Mind Sabeleye would be the more logical approach (as you so rightly indicated) as there is a more even increase in stat's. I always wondered why people think Magic Bounce Sabeleye is a bad thing?
    I seen your description about Mega Sabeleye. Glad to know I ain't the only one who thinks Magic Bounce is perfect on Sabeleye. With your awesome description, you completely forgot to mention that it gets access to Nasty Plot aswell! ;)
    Metagross almost feels like a shoe in, despite my dislike of the logic of a Pokemon getting a Mega simply by virtue of being a character's ace. Can't really think of any others I *think* will get one (Rayquaza really doesn't need to be said), but I'd really like to see Megas for Luxray and Braviary (among others; there are quite a few Gen V Pokemon I would like to see Megas for). Electivire too, but those two are definitely the ones I'm most partial to. Zoroark would be awesome, but it's kind of spoiled by the fact that I can't think for the life of me of a way for it to work while leaving its ability intact.
    I'm hoping for a couple more Megas too (though I don't expect the 15-20 that some seem to, by any means; another 5-10 at absolute most seems more reasonable to me). I wouldn't say no to seeing more characters, but they're not really my priority; I'm more willing to wait for those.
    Damn, you're totally right; I've become so used to his Physical sets that I forgot how serviceable he is on the Special side. There could be something there.
    I was talking about design, but yeah, Emboar isn't filling an overly defensive role any time soon. And yeah, that's what I was going for with that idea; nothing else really came to mind as something Blaziken has any use for. He doesn't have versatility on both attacking sides like Charizard does, after all.

    And I saw the post. Great points all around, though like R_N said, the low HP will sting hard unless he gets ridiculously blessed defensively. Hopefully GF is sensible and doesn't do that wide-spread distribution they've done in a couple places with Megas. Sableye needs the severe boost.
    Strikes a little close to Emboar, but not impossible, I suppose. Alternatively, maybe a Blaziken with stronger legs that emphasizes strength over speed with a sensible equivalent to Rock Head (that is to say, same effect but in the form of an ability that would actually make a modicum of sense)?
    I had the exact same thought, but God I hope not. Blaziken's lack of popularity right now is largely because the other two are more recent and so I fully expect to not see his popularity actually suffer for it in the long run (it would be harder to say how many people would be choosing Treecko or Mudkip over Torchic if all three had been given Megas at the same time, after all). Even so, yeah, I'll be annoyed but unsurprised if Blaziken gets a second Mega. What could it even be though, theoretically?
    He was actually my least favourite of the three (which isn't to say I disliked him by any means, just that I leaned toward the other two more), but Mega Swampert completely won me over. Mega Sceptile is awesome too, but it didn't completely wow me like Swampert did.
    Well yeah, I dabbled in that a bit in the post-game (for what it was) too. I was assuming we were talking solely pre-League though. After that, yeah, I was always shuffling things around.
    I said Sableye, but I did mean Mega Sableye. I'll be trying to find a place for vanilla Sableye regardless of what Mega Evos come too, though (especially since it will already be contending with Swampert as my Mega, since it's always felt redundant to squander two item slots on Mega Stones when one is rendered moot after the other is used in a given battle).
    I definitely agree. Sableye is one of those Pokemon that I've always liked but never really given the time of day. I used one briefly back when I first ever played Sapphire, and ended up pushing him aside for a Tropius I'd tricked myself into thinking was way better than it was. Unless some other Pokemon comes along between now and November and completely steals Sableye's thunder, I'm definitely going to find a place for him on my team.
    I really like it, personally. I've never been too fussed with the competitive viability of a Pokemon, so I haven't been bothered to get into discussions on that side of it. I like that its design is emphasizing its eyes so much, given its lore (and name for that matter).
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