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  • I know how annoying it would have been... and I would have loved it XD Oh yeah, that's true with Mawile...

    Well, the overall theme was old vs new, contrasts and such, since Ying and Yang - a large part of that I feel was the contrast between old and new, especially with stuff like Driftveil City in BW2. Since Mega-Evolution is said to have a ancient root, I don't feel that futuristic Pokemon like, say, Vanilluxe (okay, terrible example) should Mega-Evolve.

    Honchcrow is already quite flashy, I suppose, and I feel that its design is fine as it is, as well as its overall design in all aspects. That said, I could *potentially* see a couple of possible Mega-Evolutions for Honchcrow, but I really feel that it doesn't need them. I guess it's just personal preference.
    Hey hey hey... Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on for ages XD

    Well, you were right about Sableye! Although I would have preferred a normal evolution...

    I don't actually think any gen 5 Pokemon will get a Mega-evolution just yet, considering how the theme of gen 5 was the future and the past, like Opelucid City - just doesn't seem right. That said, maybe the past-theme'd Pokemon like Golurk would work. I'd kinda like to see a Sigyligh Mega but it wouldn't be that viable competitively, so... Mega Golurk would be badass, though.

    I don't think Honchcrow will get a Mega, though. I dunno, his art just doesn't scream Mega-evolvable to me. Mega-Mightyena I can see, though.
    crap, I just thought it would remove it from my page, not put that deleted message. Looks like I won't be tidying up my page :/
    That's true... Although, for BW and BW2 they didn't actually programme new formes of Kyurem into BW... They had placeholders, yes, but not the actual formes.
    He ain't got nothing on Kyogre! :p

    I'm curious, though. New formes of Kyogre/Groudon? MegaEvolution? What do you think?
    Curious about what exactly? I only send FRs for the same purpose everybody does, to make friends. What's curious about that?
    HAVE YOU HEARD? RSE REMAKES CONFIRMED! I'm super pumped, although I do kinda wish that Emerald was also remade... :p
    Yeah, I can see how! Well... to be fair, I had a powerhouse, two sleep setters and a fast and strong(ish) Fake Outer, so... disruption tactics, I suppose?
    Haha yeah... that's actually why I kept Smeargle out of the fight until the last moment; I wanted to kill Aron first. It was too close.
    Breloom was beautiful, even if it didn't do all that much. You very nearly won, you know. If Infernape was down, Smeargle would have done nothing to it.
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