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  • I'm sorry, but Squads is not my assigned area. Those who are assigned there have been extremely busy lately, although to my knowledge things are cooling down, so they may have time before too long.
    Ahh! I'm sorry for being a ghostposter but its the end of exam week, I had them today and I will have them again wednesday, thursday and friday and thats it. I'd pay less attenton if it were something like yr 10 tests or SATS but this is A level :/

    I don't think I'll be able to be very active for this week much. I don't want to hold you up, so maybe its better to break off character contact i.e. Gray declining Mora's offer?

    Sorry! *Reaches for Razorblades*
    it's be better to talk to Mrmagius about that, although it's obvious that you are, heh. Anyhow, Since you still have to do your capture, it'd probably be all right if you went ahead. In order to make things fair, you could have Gray get distracted by something.
    Hey, posted my bit for the interaction.

    If you have Mora agree to the battle by the way I don't mind you can bunny my character but we should probably have Ysa do a diceroll to see whop wins, unloess you have other ideas/your char refuses.

    I wasn't really sure of what they could do and my character's itching to try out his new pineco so I thought wy not! XD
    lol, what's she doing that for? Birthday or something?

    And sure, I did my excuse for a post just a couple of seconds ago so feel free to post whenever (since I took so damn long) I think I gave you enough of an opening but just say the word and I'll edit :)
    Hey lordarigarn!

    I was thinking, for the meetup, your character could approach mine and they could help each other out on their respective captures? Though, your would have to approach mine first as Grays pretty unsociable XD Sorry for not being able to post friday :/
    Sorry but its probably not a good idea considering I have exams tomoz and wednesday, I'd rather wait till I fail those til I continue with the RP. So, nothing from me until thursday.

    So basically no :(
    Check the information again; you have a special three-day pass which will allow you ten free balls (since you can't use your Pokemon to weaken the target). AFter you catch it, you need to check in with Koga for approval. I suppose since you don't have to go far, Mora will probably be helping Koga with something during the rest of the week. I don't have what that is in mind, though, since he has to deal with lawyers and police officers currently.
    Well he corrected me, so that position is on hold again. But the Bug Gym is being slow at the moment.
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