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  • Actually, I'm afraid I may have to reject the second sign-up early; Psychic finally finished the sign-up and that was one of the first reserves, plus Mrmagius finished, so I'd rather prioritize the first sign-ups. Sorry.
    That sounds really interesting. If you think you can handle two characters at once, go ahead. As a side note, the Leaders aren't supposed to be hostile with each other, because they're role-models in their commuities. The Gym Trainers have a bit more leniency, though.
    Hmm.. it is just one of yours vs. one of the Leaders? Of course, the Poison matches are likely to take longer. I can't tell how to shorten it without seeing it.
    The interview will take place in the Safari Zone Lodge (that building just south of the Main Entrance) in the morning. The battles will take place outside in the afternoon, near that zoo they keep out front.
    The roleplay is up!. My apologies for the delay- completely my fault. xD Check out our cafe thread for the final plot point, and I look forward to seeing Thaeo and Monwe. :3
    xD; No, that'd just be my abrupt response. *shot* You know the grammar hub you linked me to? smenterprises? I read the comic it linked to. 'Twas fun. x3

    You do realise that after linking me to the comic site, I spent two days reading the entire 'Sarcasm on a Stick' - including the old series? *shot* It was good. x3
    x3 Very close! 'Dreams, Elf. With fire and sword in hand, you will break the earth in looking/search for your peace and truth. The Dragons will die.

    xD; Forgot how some things can mean more than one thing. *shot*

    :3 I'd love that! I never get to speak to anyone about all this. *hugs*
    x3 Thanks! That was a lot of fun. *hoardes cookies* And now one for you! :D

    Draumar, älfr. Medh brisingr un sverd unin lam, ono weohnata jierda du deloi unin sja fram onr mor'ranr un ilumëo. Du Skulblakya weohnata deyja.

    ...Although I have a feeling I missed out quite a few things, and there was this one word I had to substitute with another, so if a word sounds out of place - that'll probably be it. xD;
    I've been ninja'd myself. xD; Thankies! *goes to edit*

    And the message: Do you swear (oath, really) without words (not spoken) that __ will honour the day with no peace, the day with elf-kind that live under dominance? I will not rest with a hand that will hold a sword and a word of magic in my memory. I am a dragon rider, watcher of peace, and death will run from me.

    ...Basically - will you do nothing when there is no peace and the elves have fallen? I will not rest while I still have a sword and a have a single word of magic in my memory. I'm a Dragon Rider, a watcher of peace, and death will run from me.

    Yes, that took all too long. *fails*
    ...That would help, wouldn't it? *shot* Thank you, hun! *hugs* And thank you for linking me to the site, as well. xD It'll help ALOT.
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