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  • haha i beat the game already :p i beat the game and all the side quests!
    nm about to eat breakfast :D
    the asch vs luke is amazing i love the music! so wait do u know wat happens after that battle then? :eek:
    i cant spoil myself with tales games i dont look anything up haha until i beat it
    ooooooooooooooo okay i know know haha i just fought them :p i didnt like sneaking haha sooo ur kinda close to the end. it gets so sad at the end ;~;
    ya hah i love jade! omg he is so amazing. his sarcasm is the best! my list goes. Guy, Jade, Asch, Anise, Tear, Natalia, Luke :p i love asch so much
    how far into the game are u so i know wat i can and cant say haha
    haha even still he went from being a whiny ***** to being a annoying person who only blames himself haha
    my favorite has to be guy. i loved him so much and his development of getting over his fear was awesome :D
    "See, unlike other SA2 fans, I'm willing to admit the game has some flaws. Also, I love your sig. XD "

    I wish Mario fans were this way. :(
    hahahaha yeah tira is hard to learn...im not that bad with her but i not a champion XD thank you though and yeah go on there my name is fairywitch824 there so if you do join that would be cool...as well as yeah aeon actually is a very good brutal attacker of the game the only downfalls is that there are alot of attacks though that make him wide open but if you use him just right he can be really nice brutal combo damage ;)
    actually its a really good site though if you really want to learn to play soul calibur in my opnion...there are tutors and everything to teach you...im trying to learn my 2nd main better...i play lexia and viola...those are my gals ^_^ i do play a bit of tira,elysium, and phyrra...
    its fine me and pocket yoshi got into it before lol i know how you feel i learned not to jump into conclusions anymore after it...see kokoyoshi is his name on 8way run XD im so use to calling him that XD im on that soul calibur fourms as well...i play soul calibur pretty much alot so yeah XD once again sorry if offended you...sometimes i can get carried away with my opinions...also yeah i think we did alot XD
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