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  • Hi there, good to hear another long time no see shiny hunter.^^
    The last two shinies I remember the most from you were the snivy (what a long hunt!) n shiny Deino (that one is cool since from RE).

    About the suggestions, I can suggest the shinies I've got from 3rd gen or plan on hunting: Gulpin, Shuppet, Spheal, Clamperl, Sableye (unchainable n RE), Beldum, fossils, etc. From LG/FR: starters, eevee, game corner, hitmon, fishing (horsea/shellder), Lapras, safari zone, fossils, koffing, paras, hoppip, spinarak, ledian/ladyba, etc. And of course there are legendaries.

    My hunts are going slow this February, I haven't got a single shiny yet. Real life makes me too excited to hunt, I hunt more during weekends. My current hunts are RE on route 3 n 13 water route in fifth gen, Palkia in JPN Pearl, Latias in US SS and Clefairy in US LG Game Corner. I hope I can get at least 1 shiny this month. The Palkia, Latias, Clefairy and route 3 JPN BLCK have gone over 10k. Thanks for asking.

    Good luck for whatever you're or plan on hunting.
    Oooh im gonna go see right now O.O I got busy lately and couldn't come on much ;A; well busy, playing a MMO's CB;;;; ahah 10 days only so short D8 but now imma hunt that spider >3< 16810 REs on it O.O
    I really hope i tdoes too, but otherwise it'll be an excuse to go do my fossil before returning to it, or try to hatch something 8'D

    I see O.O Good luck with snivy >A< once I get to it, I hope it won't take as long, but saying this now, I'm sure it will ahah |D

    You can do it tho I'm sure ;v;
    Thanks ;v;
    Yeah, I'd like to finish Zorua before, but first, Joltik |D

    Well, I ain't much busy anymore |D vacationnnnn
    I'm on my 28th day of hunting shiny Joltik and nothing has even shined in the meantime |D Altho I couldn't hunt that much until now ;v; College final's and all got me busy but still |D I'm almost at 15k now (14811 to be exact) on the little guy ;v; Hopefully he'll shone this week end |D Sine now I have TIME YEAH //shot
    Otherwise not much new, got a shiny tentacruel from a friend who decided to give it to me and I though of borrowing his japanese chimcahr and piplup to try MM-ing. They are male but I'm not going for any nature in particular, just having them shine. But first, I need that Joltik.
    You've got a really nice collection of shinys there! You must be a pretty dedicated hunter. :)
    Yeah. My Terrakion is EV trained(It's Adamant natured >D). Zoroark is EV Trained, as is Unfeazent. I am considering leaving Deerling untouched for now.
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