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  • Thanks, and glad I motivate you to hunt more ^^
    Good luck to you aswell and let November be a month to never forget, though I won't forget this soon already x3
    Yeah it was not a go at you personally. Just all the new people that complain about not getting a shiny when they haven't really done much at all was getting a bit painful. The updates every 100 SRs/REs or so is getting to me. This isn't their diary to update every 2 minutes :(
    Seriously! so all this time ive been doing it wrong =/ this really sucks...thanks for the info...
    What's up!

    I totally understand your lack motivation, man. I'm currently in a rut, too; I have lots of third gen shinies that I still need to get, in addition to a shiny Piplup that I need to get, but I'm just swamped with a whole bunch of other stuff because of school...but at the same time, my busy schedule kinda makes me feel like shiny hunting all the time, you know? Because I don't get much time to hunt, I devote most of my free time on the weekends to shiny hunting because I want to make the most of it.

    I'm on break all of next week, so if you happen to want to do an all-nighter or something, let me know!
    There isn't really much advise I can give. Just keep doing what you're doing. Though maybe you could try changing files every 30 SR. I've found that if you have an early shiny frame it tends to show up sooner rather than later.
    Haha, very true, it was my fault. I was actually going to use my masterball next turn, but I really didn't want to catch it in a masterball, so I decided to try one last duck ball. Oh well, its disappointing because I caught it in a practice battle with a luxury ball near the beginning. I'll move on though, and find others. ^^
    Hello there. ^^ I recognize you from the club. I commend you on your quad-resetting, that's real determination right there. I doubt that you'll exceed 30,000 resets for squirtle though, trust me, my luck is just generally bad. ^^'

    As for my hunts: I'm fishing for horsea on my GBA in firered, but my last 4th gen hunt is a secret. ;P I have barely any resets for it, below 100 I'd say, but hopefully I'll get lucky and I'll be able to reveal it to everyone. A bit of a hint though, it's on platinum version as seen in the pic. Feel free to guess.

    Thank you for the encouragement and the luck. I hope we both find what we're looking for soon. :)
    Hey. Thanks for the luck :). Good luck to you on your hunt. Squirtle is it? Yeah that's the exact same counter! Awesome app. Very useful for keeping track :) actualy I'm a fan of your YouTube videos! Always like looking at the various hunters on YouTube. Have a couple on myself however due to my crap tagging skills (and quality) they aren't quite up to standard ha.
    Wow, it's so funny that you mention Route 8 because a few months ago, I was hunting for Growlithe there. I got up to 4643 encounters before I stopped because I was paranoid that I would end up with a different shiny instead. I decided that I would be better off looking for it in HG/SS where I can take advantage of the Repel Trick.

    But you're right, not many people think to hunt there!
    Wow, I totally didn't even notice this message!

    If you still want advice, I say you get that shiny Tangela!
    Well, at least Sp.Def is 28, it doesn't really need a good defense IV, as that's where it stands out. But 18 is still decent.

    But 5 for Sp.Att sucks dearly, as Torkoal doesn't learn any Physical Fire moves.
    Torkoal is an awesome shiny, I chained one, and it never stays off my team. *pets Torkette*

    I'll probably try a random encounter one after I reset my Emerald sometime this year.
    Torkoal is an awesome shiny, I chained one, and it never stays off my team. *pets Torkette*

    I'll probably try a random encounter one after I reset my Emerald sometime this year.
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