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  • hi
    how are you
    i want battle
    my f.c:1977-7178-4898
    6-6 double if you don't have any problem
    Excuse me while I rant: So if you have a shiny with all the right IVs and nature, it'll look suspicious, but I won't make a fuss. If your whole team is shinies all caught in cherish balls, well, you know... Statistically most of the pokemon one catches in the wild is not fit for battle, be it wrong nature or bad stat spread. With the low chances of encountering a wild shiny, the probability to catch one worthy of fighting is slim, even with synchronize and a pokeradar. So when someone fights me, acting as if they accomplished something special when they made their team, and then the first pokemon that comes out is a shiny Azelf that can take a Crunch and not even drop below the halfway mark, what am I supposed to think? Here I am, spending many, many long hours catching wild parents for their IVs and natures and making long breeding chains to get battle ready pokemon, and people then come on here with their ******** shiny hacked pokemon. It's a god damn slap to the face.
    I'll be back shorty everyone. Mainly doing a lot of breeding right now, on top of the fact that this week and next week are the last stretch in my classes so I will also be doing a lot of studying.
    sweet. Well Serebii's best part ( the rest sucks imo ) is their clans. Here's a link:

    They are basicly a team that you can join, they can have a war with other clans, and fight to be the best clan on serebii/have fun/own other teams. I myself am on the StormKings, u might wanna check them out. Were, atm, in a war with the two best clans on Serebii ( Team Huh and Storm Kings )
    The war score is 3-3 ( We've won 3 battles, and they've won 3 battles )

    Meaning that theres a chance that we'll take serebii's best clan spot. After that were going to war with clans from other sites! check 'em out, we're not too bad.
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