• Hi all
    Just a notice, we recently discovered that someone got into a moderator account and started hard deleting a load of key and legacy threads...around 150 threads have been lost dating back to 2007 and some weeks ago so we can't roll the forums back.
    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
  • Hi all. We had a couple of reports of people's signatures getting edited etc. in a bad way. You can rest assured this wasn't done by staff and nobody has compromised any of our databases.

    However, remember to keep your passwords secure. If you use similar passwords to elsewhere which has been accessed, people and even bots may be able to access your account.

    We always recommend using unique passwords, and two-factor authentication if you are able. Make sure you're as secure as possible
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  • Oh, no, that's not a problem. :)
    The DW sure doesn't seem to do the greatest job of telling who's active or not. Though I notice you have upgraded your houses on your other accounts.

    I noticed that you voted on the poll for the 2013 International Challenge that you were participating. However, you did not fill out the Serebii registration form that allows us to showcase you and your team to the community.

    If it’s not too much of a bother, please fill out this form. I will take care of the rest. To see some examples, just visit the discussion page. :)

    OT: (Your in-game character's name)
    Gender: (Your in-game character's gender)
    Trainer Sprite: (Breeder, Scientist, Hiker, Roughneck, Preschooler, Youngster, Ace Trainer, or Ranger)
    Age Division: (Junior Division: Born 2002 or later / Senior Division: Born 1998, 1999, 2000, or 2001 / Masters Division: Born 1997 or earlier)
    Friend Code: (check your Pal Pad)
    Location: (Where did you register yourself in the game? On the Globe in the Pokemon Centers!)
    Message: (What is the message that you put into the bottom of your Trainer Card?)
    Team: (What team will you be using? Don't know? Tell us when you figure it out!)
    Sorry if I sound kinda pushy. I just find it uncomfortable to just randomly do something without letting the other person know about it. That's why I decided to inform you of my friend request at all as I did so, initially planning to ask you before I sent it to begin with. Though, I am active on DW, and I try to get on each day.
    *facepalm* I happened to guess the least active one? :p Oh well, then do you mind me sending a request to either of those two as well?
    Decided to let you know I sent a friend request to your DW on the one named Chillarmy07. Would you rather me send you a request to only one game, since you have 3 already to deal with?
    I'll post this here as well, just in case you missed my reply to you in the DW thread

    if you are going to use the DW ID exchange trick to add someone else in the thread as a friend, remember that everyone's on server 1 now :)

    They moved everyone to server 1 ever since they updated the PGL for international B2/W2
    Yep I know, I corrected Serebii when he said on the event dex it comes lax, I found out its random by bulbapedia
    The point about the Magnemite coil is that everyone else is doing so it works. Just take a look at the trades on the PGL, more than half are magnemite for magnemite. If you pick another pokémon there's no guarantee that others will have chosen that too
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