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  • I'm sorry...about everything that happened...but none of this is Cuevas fault....he isn't to blame here. If anything, it's mine for not being able to stop the fight....if you actually come back on and read this....I'm just here saying..........it isn't his fault.....good bye...maybe you'll come back some day....
    I don't know what all this arguing is about exactly and don't really want to read a bunch of convos including deleted messages about it all. So I'll just say to all of you to please drop the arguing and refrain from using phrases like mother****er and so forth.
    I'm sorry. Don't break up with my Twin D=

    I didn't think it'd go this far.

    I was being a jerk to you I'm sorry :/ I swear to god that I will leave you alone :/ I was being a jerk I deserve to be called a moter****er than you do. I have all right to be blamed on or banned. Get back together with my twin D:
    Naw, signature is something you want to show people on every post, be it FC (friend code) game status or a special made banner (like mine, check it out)

    And LOL, Cueva couldn't stop laughing.
    haha good yeah nice avatar! Im guessing sugimori art? :) and my shop is just search cueva27 it should come up also XD XD XD its ummm its Doggie D....not Triple D *____*
    Heh, I get around. lol

    Doggie D. Call me whatever ya want. I couldn't care less. XD Glad to hear I get a good notice. Sup?
    Hello! :D I bring greetings from Cueva. Glad to see a new member on here. Especially a friendly one.

    Hahaha hey Boo <3 haha go to forum actions click edit profile and do your stuffff :) also did my mom take you home? I am at the park now, and I thought u wanted to be ShayminLover401 not just ShayminLover it sounds "plain" haha
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