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  • yeah, i use to be the same way. I was super concerned with my friends cloning and stuff. i was always worried about it not being legit. but once i figured out how everyone does the cloning, it put my mind at ease. check out this site www.pokecheck.org thats what everyone uses. but yeah, dont worry about it. theres no way that having your pkmn cloned would make it not legal. the logic behind it is just silly. take for instance a popular RNGer like bluemew. bluemew has been making clones of his pkmn and giving them to the public forever now. when pokebank hits and everyone is uploading their pkmn ( some from bluemew ) its not guna tell everyone and bluemew that they arnt allowed to upload them. theyre all legal first off, and for all we know bluemew could have bred more flawless or shiny pkmn. theres no way it could filter millions of ppls data like that, and denying them of there pkmn because they diff Original Trainier IDs? thats just silly, the whole point to pkmn is to trade with ppl...its not our fault we traded with ppl right? lol. plus, theres nothing illegal about it as far as legitimacy goes. and the only thing nintendo is going to filter is if its legal or hacked. =) youre good dont worry
    Your PM box is full, can you please clear it up? Nevermind my last PM, I want to revise my offers :)
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