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  • Pokemon Movie 2011 Giveaway:

    Korean Reshiram + Zekrom
    Japanese Reshiram + Zekrom
    English Movie Victini

    Click Zekrom to Enter!

    I have some Jolly Eevees in my shop. (Link in sig, and the eevees are in the "now available" section)
    Let me know if you're interested in any of them =)
    No lol. I got them all through trade. When I caught my Virizion I wasn't that too into it. I just wanted a good nature back then. XD
    Yes. I don't know if i can trade Darkrai because he have one gift ribbon but we try first him and if i can't we cancel the trade :X If you want we can try.
    Level of Tornadus?
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