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  • Nah xP I forgot half the things about Pokemon and I have school too. But it's funny to see how enthusiastic we were about it at the time.
    Haha I woulda slept a lot too! Traveling is super tiring. @w@ Ergh, that's no fun. You just got there though so I'm not surprised. Hang in there and I'm sure things will even out!
    Makes sense, but what a bummer! Well, I'll likely be here forever, so if you ever need anything yer always welcome to drop me a message!
    P.S. Sure! Computer-wise I use Skype and now Discord, and I have a couple of chat apps I use as well. Send me a PM about which you use and I'll send you my info!
    Are you serious?! Jesus that's the WORST. Is the cartridge okay though? Maybe cuz it was in the system?? I hope so. That would literally ruin me if it happened to me. ;-;
    Well uh, I guess good luck! Hit me up if you need something at that time; trades are dying down so I don't have much business anymore. Take care in the US! c:
    Do you know what time will work for you on Wed? Normally my trade times are 7-10 PM (my time) but I have a meeting with a friend sometime that night so I might not be around later on. If all goes well I'll be home earlier so I could probably do as early as 6 PM. Lemme know!
    Cool! I think I'm around for another trade on Wed so I'll be online for sure.
    Heh, I say event to be general, but I was actually teaching a class. It went alright; missing a few people so it was harder to do.
    Oh awesome!! So then trading on Wed is best since I assume you can't get your game back to your friend easily after that haha. @w@
    Sure, I can hold them for that long~ I'll likely have you send them to my Japanese game just so they're not in the way of stuff (doing a lot on my main game).
    That's fine! I had an event last night so I wasn't able to come on when you were here anyway. Nah, don't worry about it! The next time I can trade will be Wed.
    Hiya! It would be my pleasure! How many would you send over?
    I'll be around today (from this post for about 12 hours) in and out as I have some errands to run, but I'll try to keep an eye out for you!
    Ehh, I deal with broken bad English from my students all the time so I'm used to it haha. At least you're actually trying to learn and use Japanese, unlike the gross anime fans that just add "kawaii" to their sentences. THAT is what really drives me up a wall. >>
    Oh yeah, I agree! I forgot about that haha. I'm sure you'll find one easily that way!
    Oh cool! In that caste totally go for it! It'll be hard to get good at it with out at least one person to speak it with, but I'll still be here for ages so I can at least write to you! And answer questions if something is tricky.
    Getting the grammar down will preoccupy you for awhile (since the word order is different from most languages and it uses particles). Again, you can use just about any site that comes up in a Google search. As for the writing system, you'll start with kana (hiragana and katakana) which aren't too bad, though there is 46ish characters for each. You probably won't have to write it much but reading will be vital. Kanji is always a pain, but your goal will be learning those that kids in Japan learn through school, known as the joyo kanji. I don't recommend touching Kanji at all until you've got the basic grammar and kana down. When you're ready, look for a kanji resource that has you learning them by grade level.
    Heh, Japanese has a lot more components to it than other languages, so if you're looking for a more casual language to take up this isn't it.
    I learned in a class and studied with textbooks so I don't have many online resources. Just about any site you come across will have the same basics to learn (this one is a good example). The site for the Genki textbook series has some self-study resources that are pretty good; I'm assuming you want free stuff, but if you can get them the Genki textbooks themselves are my recommended. That's really about all I got.
    Hiya! The easy answer is yes, though I'm not super fluent. I can hold up conversation fine, but my reading is pretty poor. That being said if I have access to a PC I can translate a text with relative ease though it takes time. Do you need something translated? :0
    I couldn't care less about privacy xd Especially when I don't have any pictures of myself on FB, Whatsapp or Instagram.
    Wow, those are in Pokemon GO now? I haven't played Pokemon since a year or so, and I forgot half of the things about it xd I don't know, it doesn't interest me for some reason now. Especially after Sun and Moon and the bullsh*t mons they made..
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