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  • I predict A 1-1 draw

    Yes but you can always record the events and watch them later I guess. What's your favourite event to watch?
    They will still win the league.

    You've missed most of the good events already. Are you enjoying it though?
    Do you mean Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Turkish officer? Good point, seems like he did manage to make reforms and such. But, I still don't think that's going to work for one leader for the ENTIRE world. Culture by culture, sure. Assuming all those leaders then get along.

    I mean, he's always been painted by haters as "the worst president" despite healing a large part of the deficit, improving the unemployment rate and creating affordable healthcare. It's largely based on racism because he's black and America still hates people of color. More recently I'm not sure what has happened, probably just continued from that hate.

    > revolution kinda thing
    Pretty sure America will end. Though one of my friends made a good point: we do have the ability to impeach the president, which will probably happen if he actually tries to do any of the things he said he's gonna do.

    Jesus Christ what is the world coming to...Well have fun with GO, I'll be here continuing the tradition.
    Will send soon. Feeling positive right now, I'll have to muster up courage to write a negative post
    I'd gladly talk about the olympics instead but you're too uneducated to watch it.

    Hardly the same context of the olympics. That's just a natural wonder and doesn't unite 100 different countries.
    Vardy isn't going anywhere and I don't even know who the other guy is.

    That's not a global event that brings the world together.
    I assume Kante is gone then?
    We still have Vardy. That means we're gonna be successful :p

    Because it's a massive cultural event that only happens every 4 years so by not watching it, it makes you rather uncultural.
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