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  • That's what everyone that promised peace always said. And yet violence continued. And here we are. c:

    I see. I agree, then. Well, Obama was a great president and I think he worked towards a lot of good things, both in the country and with other countries. As for nuclear weapons, he made a speech at Hiroshima for the anniversary of the bombing and described what they needed to do with nukes. He actually said we needed to get rid of them completely, and acknowledged that the US is the leader in those efforts and needs to take responsibility for that. I'm not sure the next president would follow that, but I think it's what we need to do.

    Oh trust me, if Obama could stay longer there is no way he would be on his way out. He's the greatest president we've had in awhile, despite what bigoted Americans might think. Considering Trump is the antichrist and Hilary isn't much better, yeah, I would say neither are useful at all. >w>

    BAH, Go is a spin-off. It isn't REAL Pokemon. (In all honesty it's amazing in the sense that people have gotten out, socialized, maybe even changed their lives thanks to Go, so I'm not saying it's bad or anything! Still, it's not traditional, and it bothers me that people might be abandoning the original games for it.)
    Bringing peace kinda creates a weird paradox in that sense, right? If you bring peace using violent methods, people start yelling "you can't really be peaceful, you use violence!" But then when peaceful methods have been used, they don't work. Maaaaybe we don't have to use violence, but there is aggression required, I think. Finding the balance seems impossible though hahah.

    Idk why yer trying to learn me the history of my country, this has been shoved down our throats all our lives lol. Not sure why the focus switched to the US either. Are you saying the problems in the world are the US's fault? I do agree that we've caused a lot of problems, but I don't think we're the only problem. I think we're part of the solution though. The US carries a lot of power in the world, which means it also has the responsibility of being a role model for the rest of the world. The US will never be perfect, but it can act correctly and encourage other countries to do their best, it can be good. Obama has already started to do that. (Unfortunately it looks like it won'r be continued.)

    Obama cannot run anymore, he has reached his max of two terms. It's Hilary and Trump, plus some 3rd party candidates such as Bernie.

    Don't even play the games anymore...You were complaining about new fans butchering names a few posts ago and yet you have abandoned the real games...Y'ALL AIN'T LOYAL.
    Also!! I'm going through my list of Shinies and checking IVs again (due to a mishap that happened today), and I believe I traded you Cupid (the near-flawless Deerling)? It turns out she is only 4IV (missing Atk and SpD). I'm so sorry about that!! I was told she was 5IV when I got her in 5th Gen and the Serebii IV checker said so at the time...Would you like an extra Shiny in addition to her, or to trade her back for something else?
    I mean, cold war is practically the human condition hahah. It's said people will eventually succumb to the innate instinct for expansion, and so war happens. I don't think war will ever stop; I don't believe in utopia. The Nordic countries are so fascinating because like, no American can fathom how they got like that. It has to come down to culture of course, but what we want to know is how do we work towards that? (Currently it's kinda hard when 2/3 of our presidency could end the world.)
    Oh, you had the steps when they were working? They turned off the function after they released it for Japan; it always showed 3 steps regardless of how close they were. That's why I think this isn't so bad hahah. HAH, release everywhere at once...because that would have worked. The servers would have been destroyed and we would have to wait even longer. No way dude, rolling it out was the way to go.

    I see. I like your idea but...it is based on no facts or reality. One person cannot succeed in creating peace. Like I said, people will not just bow down like that. Even if they are a great person, fighting for freedom and equality and peace, there will always ALWAYS be someone opposing them, and they will garner supporters and we will end up right where we are again. Dictatorship seems like the way to go, sure, because one person will say "this is how it is," but again, people will not allow that. One person cannot have all that power. That's why everyone needs to change. Everyone needs to be willing to accept peace, to accept one another and live their lives together. Why would we not follow someone so righteous? Because not all humans can. That's just the way humans are. Now, maybe with quite a bit more evolution and advancement in society, we could remedy it. I don't really know. I believe humans have a lot of capacity to do things, but there are just so many factors that have to work into shaping them that it's difficult to just make it happen.
    Other two? Hilary and, who, Bernie? I think Bernie is pretty good, but he's 3rd party and 3rd party hasn't been viable historically. Also this is a year where taking any risks means accidental indoctrinating the antichrist lol.
    Eh, the steps weren't working in the first place so they might as well remove them. (The servers can't handle it at all, from what I heard.) There was 46 million people trying to play it last time I checked, so y'know, I'm not gonna be mean to them for having some problems. Well since you asked, I actually had a permit I got in the US that allowed me to drive here in Japan for a year, but it expired so now I have to get an actual Japanese driving license. The test is very strict so I haven't passed yet. Once I do tho, the license only lasts for a year before I have to renew (just going in person and doing some paperwork but still a pain since I have to go to the capital of the prefecture).

    Boy is that a philosophical thought. I don't see what you mean by "Hitler, only peaceful" though. Do you mean a peaceful dictator? Like that would work. Humans can't just bow down to a power like that -- not without brainwashing or enslavement.
    Oh hun, he has moved way past clown. He is an actual threat. A national crisis. If he becomes president, America is going to become unlivable for the majority of the population.

    Oh noooo, it'll happen in less, but still a long time by our standard. I think the theory is, cultural changes take about 1-3 generations to implement? So with the amount needed for worldwide cooperation (do not read as "utopia"; utopia is impossible), that's...a long time still. But sooner than the sun exploding, probably!
    right? I get hunting if yer gonna eat the animal (same as fishing), but just to prove you can kill an animal...I don't like it. It's a waste.

    Ahh that's so cool!! There's plenty of stops near my place, and I find that the McDonald's and one of the parks with 3 PokeStops is often lured. Unfortunately I can't go to all of them as easily now, because I can't drive around anymore (my license expired and I haven't passed the test to get a new one yet, so I'm not allowed to drive @@). They are far enough away that riding my bike is troublesome.

    Pretty much. We are supposed to be a democracy, but leaders and lawmakers ignore what the people want and do nothing, OR they do the opposite! God, don't even talk to me about Trump. He is the embodiment of everything wrong with our country. If he becomes president I'm immigrating my family and I to Japan, I swear.

    Hahah, that is the exception! ;3 Well, maybe someday, but I think a lot more change has to happen before it will work.
    Mm maybe, if it came down to just numbers and physical strength. But in the case of aliens, theorists say they are going to be far more advanced than us, especially in technology, so on that front we may not be able to do it. Of course, first we have to somehow find a way to make 7 billion people work together when each culture can barely even protect its own people. >w>
    I see. I think it depends on how the animal was killed, and that's where most people make their decisions. Well, you could make the same argument about plants having deadly diseases, but I'm sure they have different kinds that the other probably can't have. (Actually that makes me wonder what they are, and how easily we can identify them?) Ah, see that's the attitude I'm all for! People's lifestyle choices are their own and they have a right to that; I don't think one or the other is "right" either. I mean, humans have historically but themselves higher on the food chain so what we decide is more important, but that logic maybe only works with wild animals and if the person actually killed the animal for food. If someone just shot an animal for fun (assuming they are in an area where hunting for sport is not allowed, or that they were not hunting for sport), they would probably get in trouble. I don't believe in killing animals for no reason, not even killing a rampaging animal; the most likely case is that some idiot pissed it off. Why should the animal suffer, right? >>

    Hahah, combining the two names...typical rookie mistake. Still hurts though. ;w;

    HAHAHAH I'm sorry what news have you been watching that made you believe that?? Just recently a rapist got off with a slap on his wrist and that's it. Crimes against minority groups are so bad that the minorities rarely get any justice wile the white man walks free. Supposedly "punishment is severe" but a lot of the time the person finds a way to get out of it. THAT is the real America, my friend. So really, India and the US don't sound that different. It's interesting though, because I thought our problems were just because of our culture, but it seems its happening in other places...What is going on...?
    (Uhuh. That's good though! Glad yer feeling better.)

    Vegetarians/vegans, at least in the US, tend to try and force their lifestyle onto other people and shame those who eat meat. They tend to be sensitive about it too. I personally have vegetarian/vegan friends who have yelled at me for not knowing the difference instead of trying to help me learn, or for not taking their lifestyle into account (which is THEIR responsibility). That's why they have a bad rep. >w> I see! I've never tried the lifestyle (it was too much trouble while in the US and is much trickier here in Japan where vegetarian/vegan isn't as widespread, and I don't have a religion that forbids meat). It sounds tricky but interesting!

    Hahah, well I've seen too many fandoms that aren't popular, but then when they become popular the original fans get pissy when they were definitely complaining about not being popular before! Ah okay, in that case I get it. I would yell at people for that, at least until the repent lol (either say they're sorry and they were wrong, orrrrr swear to worship the great lord Arceus forevermore, either will do).

    Huh, its comforting and disgusting that it's the same over there as it is in the US. @@ These awful things have always been happening though, they're just more focused on now. Unless you're in Japan. Japanese news is weather, entertainment, and hilarious shows. The death reports we get usually come from natural disasters or some famous person passing away. I've only seen one crime report and it was like, murder of some HS girls near Tokyo (with a knife, because guns are severely regulated here). I think they caught the guy tho. (Also agreed, we are no match for aliens. Then again we've never been a match for aliens so...)
    (Hm, that's uncharacteristically naive for you to say, assuming you haven't gone to be diagnosed. All of what you're describing is what I've been told are all signs of depression. Then again, it's also a sign of normal human behavior, so it could go either way. You seem concerned about it so I wanted to give you my experience, but eh, it's up to you what you believe and what you do.)

    Huh, I'm not sure what they have. I'll take a look next time I pass by there! (Lol, if you said you were a vegan by chouse I might be judging you, as vegetarians/vegans don't have a very good rep most of the time, but that's cool! It seems hard to be vegan but I guess not?)

    Well, on one hand I agree with you because "HOW DARE YOU NOT KNOW THE NAME OF ALL 151 POKEMON?!" but also come on, new fans? How is that a bad thing? This is the same mentality that all long-time fans have of someone new coming into the game. Then people wonder why we don't get new fans. Uh, maybe because you yelled at them when they were trying to get to know it??

    Idk, I don't think it's super publicized outside the country, or at least isn't emphasized on anymore. I mean...I could say the same thing about Americans but that would make me a terrorist. Probably not the best thoughts to be proclaiming on a public forum lol.
    (I mean, lethargy happens. If it's severe it could be depression I guess? The urge to do nothing is part of the human condition hahah.)

    Yeah definitely! It's hard to explain though, right? Like what it's like?

    Ah that's a pain. I have the trouble of finding anything ethnic because I love basically in the countryside. There's a sorta pricey French/Italian place, and an authentic Korean pleace (run by Korean people!) down the street. We recently got an Indian curry place that's supposed to be authentic too. That's all though.

    Oh no! Probably because of the addition of JAPAN AHAHAH. I've started playing and I'm trying not to be addicted, but it's really fun. >w>

    I get that. Plenty of Japan is still undeveloped or is farmland so it sort of balances out. Actually, there's a serious birth rate issue here, where Japanese people aren't having a lot of babies. There's worry on a national level for the population. Heh, well uh, please don't kill people when you do that. Send them somewhere else (like Japan!!!).
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