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  • It's still time you're wasting. You still have to then upload your picture to a image sharing website and cut n paste it into serebii. So that's like 10 minutes you've lost.
    You do need that haircut though
    (Yeesh! Hope you're feeling better!!)

    I mean I think so anyway. I think it's a stereotypical "American" feeling, but I couldn't tell you exactly what that is. Like, if I met someone I could tell if they're from the U.S. based on several things, but at the same time they could be lacking those things and still be American. It's hard to describe. @@

    Hahah, I think a lot of places have "fake" ethnic food. In the U.S. we have a difference between authentic Mexican food and "Tex-Mex", which is the fast food, American versions of Mexican food.

    At this point, I'm just waiting for confirm. When I see it I'll believe it and get into it. Shift to what??

    Yeah uhuh, "just a city." A city in Japan is nothing like a city in the U.S. and I'm pretty sure both are different than Mumbai. Although Tokyo does have a similar population...But not so diverse by my standards, at least I don't think so. @@
    Bleu, I've been noticing, you really have been ignoring LF. Not cool. Please don't.
    ((Finally remembered to reply! Sorry!! @@))

    Interesting...I don't think states in the US are as different as countries tho. You'll always find the "American spirit" in each state hahah. The people are very different state to state, though the culture may not be. Ahh I wish I had miles. @@ I don't fly nearly enough to rack them up, and I use different airlines every time so its not worth trying hahah.

    I see. Oh I know all about the wonders of teenagers. I teach high school here and my students are fabulous. (Of course they are Japanese; if I was teaching American students I might not be as interested hahah.) Bleh, that doesn't sound like Japanese food at all! I mean, some foods have plenty of sauce (Western-style Japanese food, anyway), but there's definitely not all that much spice.

    Because there's no map data?? No PokeStops, no Gyms, not even wild Pokemon. Nothing. We don't even know when it'd going to be released; I've got a while gaming community AND my students looking for info and we have no idea. It's all about waiting for now...

    Ah, heard of it but don't know much about it. Tbh I don't know much about any country other than the US and Japan. I just looked up the statistics though and it's HUGE, wow! The populations is like 1/4th of all of Japan!?
    Extremely sorry for the long wait, I went to a competition last weekend and was then pulled on a last-minute vacation around the city for the next week. Had no access to Photoshop. Nevertheless, I'm back and was able to finish it. Here it is! Some people like the scanlines, some don't so, if you want me to remove them that's no problem. Enjoy~ (and sorry again)
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