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  • Good.

    Hopes. When I was 12/13, I searched the Net if there existed any Pokémon video games. Somehow I managed to learn that there was a game called Pokémon Crystal. I played it completely :D This was 6 years ago. Man time flies.
    Lmfao, Team Rocket for best team!

    True true! Although sadly some people don't have access to the ability to travel frequently, even around their own neighbourhood (especially if they live in a super rural area). And yeah, I've heard that too! I think that would definitely make life a lot fairer for a lot of people! Hopefully, after the server issues are resolved and the worldwide released is stable, that's the next thing Niantic will turn their focus to.

    Ahahhahahaha exactly! Although, being in a leadership position means easy access to travel (rare pokemon) and pokestops........just something to consider ;P

    Oh, that's true! Although, I imagine it will probably be a similar situation to most MMOs, where you have the super high level players who have been playing for a long time, but you also have plenty of newbies at or around your level. Plus, high level players can still (probably) choose lower CP pokemon to make fights more fair. I think the only real issue those new players will run into is being unable to control local gyms for a while, since I'm sure high level players with their high CP pokemon will be claiming them (not to mention the possibility of teammates reinforcing said gyms).

    Yep, it works!! If you're ever curious, you can always sign out (or open an incognito window if you're using chrome) to check and see if others can see your sheet!
    It's not like you ever do what I ask of you.

    Just trade them me and I'll breed them myself and then give them back to you since you are useless.
    Well you're having very lengthy convo's with that person. Looks pretty soulmatey to me :p

    [2/2] [my visitor message was too long, so I've separated the spreadsheet help into a separate message!]

    Absolutely! And that's actually the default setting (assuming you're using Google drive)! However, you do need to adjust the settings if you want other people to be able to see it. To do that, open your spreadsheet and look at the top-right corner. Click on the blue "share" button; a window should pop up. On the bottom right, there's some small text that says "Advanced". Click on it. The popup will change to "Sharing settings". Underneath "Who has access", the first line should read "Private--only you have access". To the right of it, there should be a blue "Change..." link. Click on it, and then click the "Anyone with the link" bubble, and hit "Save" to save your changes. You can get a sharable link by looking at the link provided at the top of the "Sharing settings" window.

    However, this is all assuming you're using Google drive to host the spreadsheet. Also, if your Google drive is in a different language, the titles in quotations may translate differently, but the general premise is still the same. Please let me know if you have any more questions or I was unclear on something!
    Oh man, that would be great!! Imagine: an update where you can choose to reject the three teams and join Team Rocket instead.......come on, Niantic,,,,

    Oh my gosh that's incredible. You really can't keep people from their pokemon, haha. I've got a couple of friends who live in super rural areas completely devoid of pokestops and gyms, too, and it seems to be a common enough problem. I wonder if Niantic will add some pokestops and gyms in the more rural areas? I know the pokestop/gym criteria is super loose, since I've seen plenty of murals flagged for pokestops and a backyard decoration in my neighbourhood hosting a gym CX

    Honestly saME. In fact, I was at a store yesterday waiting in line when I saw a poster for a 5 km walk and realised just how much walking I had actually been doing, since 5 km isn't a big deal for me any more (and I can do 2 km in my sleep). As for the nerdocalypse, I think it might look something a bit like this ;P

    Oh yeah, absolutely! I definitely wouldn't be at the level I'm at now if I abstained from making any monetary investments, haha. I think it's a bit silly to drop the game for its server issues, though. I can understand putting it on hold until the issues are resolved (if I wasn't such a big competitive nerd I probably would have ended up doing that), but dropping it outright just because of server issues on the launch week seems a bit silly. But it's not like it's impossible for them to pick it back up again! Hopefully once the server issues are resolved and some of the major bugs are fixed, people will be willing to give it a second chance. [1/2]
    Portugual are undeserving winners.

    I hear you've found your soul mate.
    I think they said in all their matches they only scored within 90 mins once...that's not a good team.

    Is the server that bad on GO?
    Have you bred the ball mons as well?
    Ahahaha that's fine man!!

    ...! I think you might be onto something there! I can't believe team rocket is messing with our game ;P I bet they're behind all the server issues too. For shame....

    Yeah, that must suck :/ It should be coming soon, though! They are going to release it worldwide, but they've delayed it until the server issues are fixed, which I think was honestly for the best because otherwise Niantic HQ would probably be blown up with server overload lol. I'm sure once it's released everywhere else you'll have plenty of people to play with! Or, worst case, you can meet new people, since it's pretty easy to spot a pokemon go player hahaha

    Oh man that sucks! What's the point of moving if not to catch pokemon...gosh. At least you know now ;)

    Wow!!!!! Good job! That's awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work !!!! This game hasn't been out long enough for it to make an impact on me, but I imagine that if I keep up my current pace I'll likely lose some weight as well, which would be much appreciated too haha. I think it's pretty amazing to see how far us nerds will go just to catch pokemon lol

    Ahaha that's ok! It's not like my level is anything special either--I've seen one too many people at level 20 and 18 :'''') But think about it this way: once Go is released worldwide, you'll be way ahead of your peers !! :p
    (Sorry, I went out to catch pokemon ;P )

    Yeah probably! I mean, we shouldn't really bother them about future adjustments until they get the servers fixed, but I think it might be worthwhile to submit a report or send a tweet to them or something about revamping the gym system later down the road

    Jesus christ! At least it's a good egg hatching route...? :') And since it's out here in America, I can't really say for sure if you can continue playing if you're doing it via a .APK. I think withholding from making monetary investments until you know for sure is probably a good idea, though.

    No, sadly since Go uses a GPS, only movement on the map counts towards distance traveled (hence it's "distance traveled" and not "steps").

    Ahahahaha oh my gosh, that's great! I can't say I'm any different, though. Now I beg my mom to take me with her when she goes grocery shopping and am happy to run errands with her :'''') A lot of people seem to be the same way, so I can't say it's a bad thing! The exercise is nice too haha. I'm sure my doctor will be very pleased :p

    I'm level 16 currently, but about 2000 XP away from 17! What about you?
    well this is gunna sound crazy but I have to redo the whole banner because I put it all in the wrong save file >.< so I can load it back up >.<
    Nah, this sounds like a pretty awesome idea too. 8D I'd imagine, though, that it'd require a spreadsheet (kinda like fleuriine's egg drop thread) and quite a bit of maintenance/user input (because afaik, there isn't a list of this online—certainly not on the main site, anyway), so I might have to hold off on running it myself. If you'd be interested in cobbling that together, deeeefinitely go for it, no pun intended. ;D I can definitely help you set it up and whatnot if need be!
    Yeah! Or even just some tips given by Professor Willow once you choose your team or enter your first battle. I don't think making a quick patch to add that would be too difficult, so I wonder if Niantic will implement it after getting some feedback.

    Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that! Iirc, you can get a couple of pokecoins from leveling up as well, but the primary source of pokecoins for those who would rather not spend the currency is from defender bonuses, which really sucks if you're not in range of gyms :/

    Oh my gosh that's awful! I'm sorry to hear that! Is there absolutely no way to safely store a bike without it getting rusty? It sounds like such a money drain otherwise.

    I know!!!! The middle of the night is the perfect time to go egg hatching, too! And I'd be perfectly happy to run around my house or in place to hatch some eggs (it would certainly free up a lot of my time to get other work done too), if only there were an in-app pedometer :''')

    What??? Preposterous!!! There's no point in going outside if not for pokemon ;P
    Ahh that makes sense! And yeah the battles are in a really strange and quick-paced real-time combat system, which is jarring to say the least. It doesn't help that the game doesn't give you any tips at all for how to navigate a battle.

    I'd love to not button mash, but so far the method that's worked best for me is to furiously tap the enemy while simultaneously swiping left to hopefully dodge. The move hitbox is super weird, though, and it's difficult to position yourself properly to dodge because of how fast the battles go. Considering battling is such a cornerstone part of pokemon, I hope Niantic gives the battle system a revamp sometime in the future.

    Oh man, same here!!! We have a couple of bikes in the garage, but they haven't been used in so long they're all out of air and I'm pretty sure mine is too small for me :') A week ago, I would have never thought to get on a bike, but here I am desperately wishing I had one available to ride around on and counting the days until my mom gets back so we can pump some air into the tires.

    And honestly, same! I went from holing myself up in my room all day to going on three hour daily walks and hanging outside every chance I get. I'm 92% sure my face is sunburned but it's honestly worth it.

    Make sure you catch that sudowoodo to register it in your dex ;)
    Omg thank you aaa !!!!! If you have any suggestions or additional methods please let me know!

    Ok so to select pokemon for battle, first you have to get in close enough range to the gym that you can interact with it. Then, there's a battle icon on the bottom right of the screen (it looks like the battle icon in the PSS). If you click on it, a team roster of six pokemon will pop up. You can change the pokemon and their order (with the top left being the first pokemon sent out) by clicking on an individual pokemon. When you're all set, click on the "Go" button on the bottom right.

    To battle, simply tap the opposing pokemon to use a move and swipe left or right to dodge. The pokemon tend to telegraph their moves so it's not hard to dodge. If you have your blue bar filled up, press and hold on the opposing pokemon to use a special, more powerful move!

    Haha, well you'd better go and hatch a bunch of eggs then, my friend! The best of luck in leveling up those rare pokemon!

    Ahhh thank you so much!! I'm so glad!!!! Good luck leveling !!!
    Thank you so much!! It makes me really happy to hear that someone's read my work :''')

    As for your gyms-- When battling gyms, you can select up to 6 pokemon to take with you to challenge a gym, switching between them at any point in the battle. Use this to your advantage to overtake pokemon that may be stronger than yours. This game still factors in super effective/not very effective too, so use that to your advantage as well!

    Also, power up your pokemon (stardust + candy) to raise their CP! Just make sure your pokemon are around or above the level of the gym pokemon you're fighting, otherwise you'll probably lose. Think of it like a level 50 pokemon versus a level 20 pokemon; even if the level 20 pokemon resists the level 50 pokemon's moves, the level 50 pokemon still does more damage to the level 20 pokemon than it can do to the level 50 pokemon.

    If all else fails, raise your trainer's level to encounter higher CP pokemon! Pay special attention to the first stage pokemon you encounter with high CP relative to their species (almost maxed out on the CP semicircle), because if you evolve them, they'll become significantly stronger. For example, I evolved a CP 190 zubat and got a CP 500+ golbat.

    The best of luck to you!!! Please let me know if you have any more difficulties or questions! (and also let me know if you're able to beat the gyms ;) )
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