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  • I don't have any problems sharing my Whatsapp/Instagram :p I talk to RzK once in a while on Discord, but it seems like he's quite busy with college nowdays.
    Whoops, it is Road as usual haha, sorry about that. @w@
    Be back in a second with a clone of Mimikyu!
    Hm, alright. I do have your code registered, so I might just be missing you. I'll keep refreshing. If you see me send a request!
    I mean that happened with me and my Deerling I caught recently. I got that in 10 encounters. Meanwhile I'm at 400+ on Lillipup and no Shiny. @w@
    Hmm, I'm not seeing you online. What's your FC again?
    Holy crap, that IS lucky! Maybe all your luck was used up then...
    Cool! I'll catch you on soon!
    Yeah nah, I don't have patience enough for 500+ eggs. I barely had the patience for doing the 20 required to get the IV checker. >>
    Yup! Just finished cloning Munchlax so I'll hop online! Let me know your IGN cuz I forgot.
    I quit ages ago lol. Pretty sure I mentioned that. We had a whole convo about how you were done with the main games or something.
    RNG doesn't really involve Shiny luck tho? Not if you know how to do it right. The luck is less in getting the Shiny and more in hitting the seed / delay / etc. (Also RNG in 6th is only possible with homebrew which I'm doing for other reasons, hence why I'm looking into it. I've been DexNav hunting otherwise and that can be tough, but better than MMing. You and plenty of others have shown me that's a huge pain to do lol.)
    Anyway I am around now! Need to clone Munchlax (I think?) and then I should be ready.
    Boy I don't even play GO anymore. There's nothing in my city within walking and I already did the driving around town route (spoilers, I got tired of it lol). Like I said ages ago, real Pokemon is still where it's at for me. (Especially since I'm planning to do some stuff with my spare 3DS in the states to be able to do RNG in 6th, which means self-obtained Shiny Legends. Hyyyyped. ;3)
    Haha I get that! Yup for sure! I'll definitely be around from 7 PM my time tonight, and will touch base with you then. c:
    Good! I was reminiscing about SPPF times, and saw that it had been a long time since we had talked. How are you doing nowdays? In U.S or still in India?
    Just wanted to let you know we are still good for Wed! (I put a notice about no trades in my sig so I didn't want you to worry. We already agreed on stiff so we're still good!)
    yep its alright don't worry it sucks sometimes to be out of the loop after awhile XD i get ya ;) anyway question about your request do you want the looker or do you want doctor who then?
    i get them by breeding silly :p people trade me them by breeding them in ball choices since they can now pass down by male or female but it has to be the same species which ha can be breed on them now :D expect pokemon that have different form types but the same mons like frillish,nidoran,illumise and etc...also you can get more apricorn balls by entering global missions which if the goal is hit and contributed to the mission you get a apricorn ball they are giving out for free ^_^ I got few spare balls that i haven't used yet since most things i get through trade or transfer over from my hg and ss games if they are available to catch in that game :p
    That's cool! I managed to complete my Dex in AS awhile ago, but I used my Shinies to do it haha.
    I don't really know either. I use Smogon's analysis pages to find sets and understand how to use them. Then I look at the "Team Options" section and keep going form there. xD (That is if I even try to make a team. Usually I just go "I would like a competitive of this" and ask it to be bred.)
    Not sure what yer referring to. Not a lot of what?
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