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  • I kinda figured that was the case, but I thought I'd mention it anyway haha.
    Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that maybe! Very interesting. Then again, I mean, I KNOW how to battle and I have a pretty big collection of personal competitives, they just never see the light of day and not a lot of them are BR. Just, y'know, in case I need to enter a tourney for an event or something.
    I'm not religious o.o I just don't like eating animals :p

    Your avatar reminds me of a digimon XD Thats an ultra beast, right?
    Oh, I won't drink chicken soup. Remember; i'm a vegetarian? :p

    I duno what else to talk about. I'm sleepy :3
    Oh interesting! I took a peek and I maybe see some similarities, but that wouldn't be an issue anyway. Tbh if you wanted to copy it completely, you can just ask and I'm totally fine with it haha.
    Oh good! So in that case I'll hold off on doing it myself. I'm sure you could do it just fine. c:
    My issue with battling is I'm not any good at it. PVP stuff requires a lot of predicting on top of knowing the strategy you've already decided on, and you also have to know basically ALL of the Pokemon in the meta, all their sets, etc etc. I'm super poor at all of that. @@
    You think so? I'm glad to hear that! I worked really hard on my formatting (especially since Serebii's limits in posts are TERRIBLE and make my life HELL, but whatever) so it's nice to know it paid off. ;w;
    Yes, you get the Kanto starter Mega Stones from beating Red in the Battle Tree, but Battle Tree is post E4, and it's a long trek to get there, so it depends on if you can do it. I'm already there, I just don't battle cuz I hate battling lol. Course I have plenty of competitives so I could probably do it just fine.
    Well, there were members there that treated me okay. But I do get what you mean; that majority of members was unkind to me. I really shouldn't have personal ties with any of them.

    Yeah, i may look at some korrina :)

    I hope its hot today cuz i've been chilly and sick a lot this morning :<
    You know that one forum that gave me hell in my life years ago? Turns out my few 'friends' there miss me. I don't plan on returning at all, but it does sound funny to tell them about korrina and compair her to riku XD;

    I duno what else to talk about. My head kinda hurt's; i think using the net at this kind of hour makes me nervous xD;
    It did, thank ye! c:
    Really? I've updated a lot of things though, like trade times and wants, so I'd be surprised if you even had that down. @w@
    Char-X? I thiiiink I could get it. I think I have to win a battle in the Battle Tree to get it, but that shouldn't be too hard...maybe. I'll look into it and let you know!
    All good! I had to go too, it was super late for me and I had an early start the next morning. @w@
    Idk. No one wants to read things, I guess. I do have a lot of info in the trade thread and stuff, so it's inevitable that they skip stuff. Just that every time someone asks something I already wrote out, I just go "Did you read my posts? c:"
    Ehh, not surprised on that; they probably get a million emails a day, so unless it's customer service that they can answer easily and quickly, I'm sure they ignore a lot. Not to say it's useless! Maybe they did see it and go "Huh, something to think about" and move on. (Whether or not they remember tho...Idk.)
    Hello :3 I may nap soon; i've been feeling strange and dizzy a lot today^^;;; a little under the weather. oh well.
    No problem! Glad I could get it done before I got too busy, cuz I'll be booked for quite awhile. @w@
    Yeahhh. That's why I post EVERYWHERE telling people not to ask about it. It works, sometimes, but when someone does ask I get kinda livid. >> Heh, it can be I guess! Most kids here are pretty quiet. I thin kI was the most excited in the theater. >w>
    Maybe someday! They only just added Korea into the circle like a couple years ago. Who knows what's next!
    Nope! Friend Plaza is just a nightmare lol. That should be everything tho!

    I mostly get irritated cuz people learn I try to get all the events I can here, and they're like "when u gon get it i want it" and it's SUPER annoying. Heh, well, I usually don't end up in theaters that are that full, so there's SOME kids around but not a lot usually. The last time tho, my friend and I were the only adults not with kids there haha.

    There are wireless events like that, yeah. They're usually only in one place, and mostly at the Pokemon Centers, but they've done them at some other places. Usually it's movie theaters, or certain stores that have their own local wireless connection (Japanese systems still use the Nintendo Connect app, I think it's called, and you use that to connect). Stores like that include 7-11, stores that have a game section like Tsutaya, and a few other electronics stores I think.
    That was an accident lol. Normally people request again immediately so I thought something had happened. @w@

    That would defeat the purpose of them being exclusive, or being a bonus to doing something. Ash Hat Pikachu isn't the reason you buy the ticket to the movie, you buy the ticket so you can see the movie. You can get Ash's Classmate's Partner Pokemon codes by showing your game, but they made the event to a) promote the anime (since it's based on anime-only Pokemon) and b) promote the game (you can get codes when buy guy the game too). 95% of the time, events are just that: a promotion or a bonus. And like I said, not EVERY event requires money, just requires being at a place. For a lot of kids in Japan, that's a simple case of walking 5 mins to the right store, or taking a train to the mall.

    Besides, when these are released internationally they usually require no purchase, even if they did here. I had to buy tickets to the Volcanion movie to get Volcanion, and then 4 months later the international release just required you to go to a game store and ask for the code.
    Sigh, Friend Plaza is such a nightmare. >>

    It's not EVERY code event, but yeah, Ash Hat Pikachu is one of those on the tickets. It was the same for Volcanion last year. Other codes like the Ash's Classmates' Partner Pokemon events just require you to go to the place and show your game to get the code. Unfortunately the places are usually places not in my city. I got lucky with Shiny Tapu Koko, they gave that away at a lot of places so I could get it in town.
    Yes, Guest list.

    For travel, purchase, etc. I think I've mentioned I live in a smaller city, so if I want to do anything I have to go to the capital which is 2 hours away. There's always travel involved. As for events like Ash Pikachu, the codes for that are on the tickets for the movie, so you have to buy the tickets to get the codes. Marshadow is going to be distributed at movie theaters for the Pokemon movie, but you have to at least be there in person and that once again means going to the capital for me. And Pokemon Center events...to go to the nearest PC, I have to actually set aside at least a weekend to go, because it's 6 hours south and that's by the fastest travel. The expenses go on and on.
    To trade you have to go into Festival Plaza. In the bottom right corner there's the little WiFi symbol, click it to connect to WiFi. Once you're connected, click on the big trade button, go to Link Trade, and look for me in the list! I am also Road in 7th.
    Alrighty! I'll send them up real quick and be on in a sec!

    I wouldn't call it greed! I am also a collector so I know how it is. ;3 For newer stuff I just don't wanna give it away; I work really hard for my Events, usually paying actual money for them. I guess keep me posted on what you'd want and we can work something out!
    Shoot, didn't see this and was like "derp derp keep sending" haha. All good tho! I recognized some of these Shinies. ;3
    (Also, did you want any of these still on 6th? I can clone them and send some back before moving them up. They can't be moved back to 6th once saved on 7th.)

    That's called a trade haha. I wouldn't mind cutting you some deals though! Since I have everything I need, I basically have no reason to trade anymore so if there's something I really want I'll pay big for it. Actually, if you have Shinies you got yourself I'd be happy to trade a ton for them! My Shiny LivingDex is done, but I'd like to start replacing the older Pokemon with newer stuff, or stuff I got from the source. If you really don't have much, we could still work something out.
    Cool. Let me know what the last Pokemon yer sending here is, I think I have more than needed so I wanna make sure I do it right.
    Yeah, sorry. We've never been able to transfer items through gens. If you need something though I have just about everything, so I could clone some for you and send it over if you want!
    Cool thank ye!
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