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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Ah, I see. That's alright. Hope you enjoy your trip, though!

    It's good! I'm enjoying it so far. The plot is rather appealing. I don't usually read books like this, so it's a breath of fresh air to me. :)
    Sweet, I'm downloading it now. I just needed to check that I was going to get the right book haha.
    Thank goodness.

    I'm going to download it on my Kindle in a few. Do you know who the author is by any chance?
    Yup. Sorry if I've been doing that! D:

    Sounds pretty interesting, I think I'll give it a go.
    Yeah, that'd be fab! I'm all up for that. :)
    Yup! It's just a shame too many people would rather make another war over something little rather than settle it peacefully. Otherwise it could be possible. ):

    Ooh, what's it about?
    Indeed! If everyone had the same opinion on stuff, the world would be a boring place. :)

    And that's true. Honestly I'm just reading up on stuff because I want to be more empathetic lol.
    That's true haha. How to win friends and influence people is pretty good, at least. It actually focuses on improvement. :)

    Oooh xD Sorry for misunderstanding! I'll go have a look there, lol.
    Same here, been good. I've been reading those "life-changing" books to see if they change my life at all, haha.
    Eh, I did once, and everyone I knew posted those "like or you get bad luck foreverrrrrrrr" posts all the time, which got kind of tiring. ):
    Ohhh I see. That's nice! I'm really into the 90's, so I guess that's why Friends appeals to me more.

    Torchwood, truly. Though I haven't started on it. To be honest all I really know about it is that it's a lot ~sexier~ than Doctor Who lmao

    Actually intrigued about Arrow, Jessica Jones, and Grey's Anatomy. *adds to endless list of shows to watch*
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