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  • Hey L@S, what's up? Haven't talked to you in a while. How are things going? Are you still following the Anime? You are one of my earliest friend here and helped me a lot with the games. If it wasn't for you I might have never played so many games starting from Ruby. For that I sincerely thank you.
    Ohhh! Your name and avatar are both very, very awesome! Lucario rules! (so does his wonderful trainer)
    It isn't that big of a deal but the problem is you are my only friend with that name. Even me for me that name is unique. What does it mean though? I remember it thanks to the e-mail you sent me many years ago.

    In case you don't remember, I used to go by the name Sceptile Lover.

    Off-Topic Side Note:- Really mature of the people who make new accounts just to send these kind of Private Messages.
    Dont worry dude, I get this things everytime I post more than once a day. Ignore those people, and know you're one of the best posters of the anime section.
    I see, I guess you are busy. I was looking at my friend list and then I saw your page. So how are you nowdays?
    Oh, I see.
    Now that you tell me about it, I wonder why I didn't realise it earlier.
    I do agree with that, it does make a difference. Eyes immediately go to the italicized words...
    Hmm..obviously it isn't against the forum rules, maybe everyone only asks you because it is unusual?
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