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    I like the way the new series is going. I mean it is quite unpredictable yet fun to watch just like older days with Kanto. I am already liking the pacing and if this goes on then we might get a bigger filler saga or even two of them(I have heard rumors regarding it).
    As for the games I did some time shifting and lost the white forest trees and people in the game. But apart from that it was a nice experience. The new Pokemon seems to have a lot of potential in them. Now I wonder about the third game. If that doesn't come then that will mean we will get RS remake and RBY remake-remake just like Prince of Persia or Naruto.
    well lets see, nearly complete staff change at anime spoilers, most of the older fans have left, more spammers, that is definitely some change don't you think? Anyways, do you like BW so far?
    And did you played the games? I played Black and must admit it is a nice game.
    well I am fine with both cause if trade over wifi is successful then I can do competitive battling and if single PC trade works then I can trade between different games. One more thing I would like to point out is that the wifi capability will only be possible on strong pc. When I trade online using VBA then it lags which is due to outdated PC and slow internet connection and same will happen with NDS. Even for people who have quad processor and 4GB Ram, it is lagging.

    But I am sure after few years it won't be necessary due to 3DS cause we would be running after new emulator.
    I used the pal park in Pearl and uploaded six Pokemon from Fire Red and it worked. But I am not able to do it with Ruby or Emerald but maybe I am doing something wrong.
    Anyways, Is there possibility of trade too? I heard that Nintendo has blocked wifi connection for the emu but what about in pc trade?
    thanx for telling me that. I have been wondering how to do those pal park stuff for a while. So I am going to try it now. But I am also hoping that if there is new version to no$gba then he would do the link job and there we have a perfect emulator for DS games. By looking at new games it is evident that old emulator are going to have some problem but lets see if new version can fix it.
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