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Recent content by lucario beast

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    What does your Mystery Dungeon Team consist of?

    on the run of it im doin now its gonna be riolu mudkip ampharas and possibly absol this is my lets play run on youtube
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    (PMD) Your favorite Dungeon

    my favorite was probably temporal tower
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    Is anyone else hoping for Mystery Dungeon 3?

    i hope so. i was surprised a new one wast released with the string of spin offs they did
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    Who's buying a PS Vita?

    whats a ps vita all i see is a copy of the 3ds
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    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    i want this game but im glad its coming out when spring break is the week after it comes out
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    im hoping the american realese date is close to the european one since its already been revealed for autumn
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    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    my weapon of choice will probably be the orbaters
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    Saturday Morning Deck

    i think you need to cut down on the cards since you have so many cards a lot of the time you wont get the right cards and add some mystical space typhoons, monster reborn and a dimensional prison or another card like it
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    armed dragon deck

    3 armed dragon lv 3 2 armed dragon lv 5 3 armed dragon lv 7 3 armed dragon lv 10 2 red eyes darkness metal dragon 3 masked dragon 2 mirage dragon 1 sangan 1 flying kamakiri 1 spear dragon spells 1 dark whole 1 foolish burial 1 heavy storm 3 level moundation 3 level up 1...
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    B/W in-game hints for future Pokemon games

    in chargestone cave n mentions somthing about black and white and then they become grey or somthing along tose lines
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    Zelda games discussion

    fi is far more anoying than navi plus she makes you listen to you i wish there was an option to turn fi off
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    Zelda games discussion

    heart container sorry forgot to put it in thier
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    Zelda games discussion

    wow im so stupid i just completed the sandship and forgot the heart container and you know the part well you have to skyward strike the symbol well for some reason i thought it was still a cutscene even though i could clearly control link anyone know if i can go back and get it because im in...
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    SOPA - and the End Of The Internet!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai2ra0HwSbQ just saw this video guess whos not getting reelected this year