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  • ThunderPunch isn't obtainable in Unova... Sad, yes... Rock Slide's possible, though. Most sets are loosely based off of:

    Marowak @ Thick Club
    Adamant / Brave
    Lightningrod / Rock Head (For Double-Edge)
    EV's: 252 ATK / 252 HP / 4 SPEED
    -Earthquake / Bonemerang
    -Rock Slide / Stone Edge
    -Double Edge / Swords Dance
    -Fire Punch / ThunderPunch / Brick Break / Outrage / Iron Tail / etc.

    If I find a Thick Club, I could go for... WiseGlasses, Lefties, Choice Specs, Life Orb, mostly any Battle Subway item.
    In BW, a Thick Club can be attained on wild Marowaks on Route 15. I'd recommend a Bannete or Gothitelle with the ability Frisk, as well as the move Theif. The Marowaks in the wild are between levels 45 and 50.
    A couple things. Blizzard? BAD. Mine had it at a time. it's BAD. most Marowak have crap Sp. Atk, and it isn't thick club boosted. Aerial Ace? Meh. It's good, but wasted on Marowak. Fire Punch gets better coverage, as Flying covers fewer of the same things. Bonemerang? That earns you a gold star. It's like Earthquake, but kills the Sturdy Pokes that Marowak is Super-Effective against. Strength is a crap move. If you're REALLY aching for a Normal-Type move, go with Return. Otherwise, there's a varitey of moves to consider. Such as...

    Rock Slide/Stone Edge
    Fire Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Brick Break
    Iron Tail
    Mostly any Physical attack. NOT HM's. They all suck. (At least for M-Wak.)

    Looking for setup? try...

    Iron Defense
    Swords Dance

    Substitute may work better with a Double Battle set, i.e Blissey or Alomomola...

    Held item? Thick Club. Definitely. Nature? Adamant/Brave/Jolly

    Sorry for ranting.
    Bonemerang, Outrage, Fire Punch, Rock Slide.

    BOnemerang for Sturdy kill. Outrage for Kingdra. Fire Punch for Grasses and Ice. Rock Slide for Flyers. (68% of Pokeon super-effective, the rest neutral)
    Thanks but I have these all already. However, they're a bit too big in filesize to be viable as avatars with some exceeding 400kb
    Hmm, try contacting Serebii then, he's the one who can set up the avatars after all.
    eh, depends on where you are posting, I guess.
    Try asking the mod in the section where you will post the link.
    yeah, I also took some time before realizing I can't use custom avatar too, back then when I was still a normal member :p
    Unfortunately, you can't. Only forum staffs are capable of using custom avatars.
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