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  • Yeah I won't be able to cancel that directly for you - the match has gone beyond 5 rounds. I can rule it ending in a draw I suppose, if that's okay with you both.
    In lieu of it being a sunday, if you can sporadically order today we might have a chance to knock out a good chunk of the match. If you cant, don't worry about it.
    That's a bit of a weird coincidence I guess, ahaha...
    Er, no, haven't seen that either. Wow, what do I do with my time? Kind of a funny song, though.

    Makes sense. You can probably expect my username to be Quil or something, or Roy if you're looking at my trainer name. That's not my real name, but for some reason that's what I always name the main character in my Pokémon games.
    Oh. Well you said it like you used a credit card on the e-Shop already, so I was confused there.

    You're right. I should really just focus on what I've already started instead about what's going to happen in the future. Can't change what has already happened, so I have to make the best of what's right now. No, I haven't seen that... I don't much watch musicals. But it isn't exactly an uncommon saying, I don't think.
    Well it's funny because I'm not actually worried about that itself rather than I'm worried about how I should be worried about it and I'm really not. If that makes any sense...

    Ok, cool. If you want to know the 100% truth, I don't know if I'll even be on my 3DS for a while. Once I get a chance I will gladly add you though. (What sort of username/trainer name should I be looking for?)
    Yeah, you can do that. The Mii name is basically your display name for things like Miiverse, so it doesn't make all that much of a difference unless someone is trying to friend you. My cruddy Wi-Fi can't keep up with Smash Bros, else I would gladly play that. I'm still on X/Y wi-fi occasionally though, if ever you want to make that a thing.
    Also, why did you go to the midnight release to get a digital copy? :p

    I've heard. But, by everyone, I mean every adult including my parents. I hope you're right, college does sound like a lot of fun. If nothing else, it has to be better than here. I'm thinking about going into English, because I'm not sure what else I would even be good at. Problem is, that in itself represents a huge array of options... Ugh. Little by little I guess. I also want to make sure that my college life is nothing like my High-school life has been like, but I always get the feeling that it's going to follow me to college when I try applying for schools. (Like how I have very few extra curricular items on my record right now.) Or I could just be worrying about all of this when I shouldn't be. '-_-
    Oh wow, even better! Yeah I guess you can't reset then. Lol I guess you're stuck being whoever gave you the DS. eShop accounts are directly linked with your NNID, so that person's account made the purchase, not the system itself. You can try to see if you can get a transfer by calling the support line if you're lucky, but then you would still lose your ORAS data. Tough break there... I would still recommend going through the settings both on the system and on the eShop though, change what you can to your liking, and make sure that you aren't using someone else's credit card info or something ridiculous like that. Pokebank just lets you store pokemon from the game on what are basically online PC Boxes. So, if you take the previous user's Pokémon and put them on there, you could put them back on the new save file you start. So basically you can steal them. I also used to do this with Transfer in the older games. It was just supposed to be a joke.

    Yeah, unfortunately it is a factor. That doesn't sound like a bad idea. I still feel like I'm a little pressured to decide on something beforehand though, everyone seems to make it out as though this is something every student has figured out by senior year.
    Why in the world would you give someone a device still attached to your account? But even so, if I remember correctly, under the data management settings there is an option that lets you put it back on factory settings. I believe it's called Format System Memory? That should let you completely redo all the settings and stuff as if you were getting it for the first time. (If they have any Pokémon save data though, make sure you steal the Pokémon and put them in Pokebank if you have it.) Uh, I mean... What? I've never done that before. Yeah the wi-fi set up is a pain, but worth it if you can get it.

    That does sound like it would be nice, but then how do you pick a school? Isn't a lot of that choice based on what you plan on majoring in?
    Seriously? That must be hilarious to watch. And awkward to run around with a broom in your crotch. But! Also very fun sounding, in a goofy sort of way.

    No, I figured not. Spanish is hard too. Huh, that's kind of weird, I don't think I've ever seen that before. Anyway, no I don't have OR AS (prolly AS) yet, but I may buy it this summer depending on how much money I have left over by then. Awesome!! Be sure you add me some time, the code and stuff are in my sig.

    Thank you! As for college... Well, I guess I've decided on what I'm going to do, I just haven't looked into specific courses or schools yet. I'm still afraid of choosing for 100% certainty though. It seems so awful to have to choose just one thing and have to stick with it your entire life. *shudder*
    I feel like my interests change so much that I would hate getting stuck in only one area, you know?
    Nope, it's fine, I understand. It's good to keep busy anyway.

    You joined a... Quidditch Team? Where do you get the magic brooms and flying balls from?!
    Oh, cool. You could totally buy games early now and know what they're actually saying.
    My semester is OK... Finals are up next, but that's about it. And lots of stuff due when I get back from break.
    Just wanted you to know that I am still alive. ;-;
    I feel bad I haven't said anything in a while, and after canceling our match and everything... But, I'll be here over holiday vacation, if you need anything. It's until just after New Year's Day.

    I suppose by now you're probably taking exams or are about to, so I understand you'll probably be busy. Hope everything is going ok in that regard. How was your first semester?
    It's all good.

    Zelphy's being a bit slow, yeah, but he's been more consistent than Shuckle at the least. I'll see if I can kick him.
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