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Last Activity:
Jan 24, 2018
Sep 15, 2012
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Canalave City, Sinnoh
Homework. It's always homework.

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Aura Guardian, from Canalave City, Sinnoh

Lucario188 was last seen:
Jan 24, 2018
    1. Liltwick
      Alright, see ya later
    2. Liltwick
      Yeah, you can do that.
    3. Liltwick

      Ah, alright.

      Just curious.. I'd love to ref it :$
    4. Liltwick
      No problem Luka. The Lost One's Weeping is probably the best Vocaloid song released in 2013 so far.

      So, how's skype workin out for ya?

      Also, do you have any UPN matches yet?
    5. CraziedCreator
      Be careful Cario. Those are the types of girls you have to watch your back with.
      Well you should be able to still. :P

      xD Such an awkward response my friend.
      .....Hmmm. I don't know.

      Skype? *Shot*
    6. Apollo77
      I'm pretty bad with shading myself so I guess that's why I find it difficult. Ooh, I'd love to read it if you do post it. Remember Frank from ptcgo? He still posts his manga on DA, and he's gotten really good too!

      Well my ref (for both battles) is a bit busy as of late, so I wouldn't mind if you took one, I wouldn't want to make you wait.
    7. DaveTheFishGuy
      Aw, thanks for the compliment Luka! Of course it's alright, plenty of people already flesh out their bios. I find that it helps provide justification for sigs, especially more powerful ones (like typechanges - my Rhyperior is a good example of that), plus I like writing and my fingers sometimes run away from me on the keyboard when I do which leads to the long ones. It's a hell of a lot more interesting than writing a two-line bio to justify a Pokémon learning one more attack.
    8. CraziedCreator
      Huh. My closest friends are guys too. Then again I was never one for the 'girl drama' it's just annoying.
      Cario, Cario, Cario... *Shakes head* Still not able to tell my mad sarcasm skillz? xD

      You would think that he would, but he acts like he doesn't. Which just proves my point even further.
      It does stink but I have a good feeling about this year. I dunno it's just a feeling.
    9. Apollo77
      Oh, okay, I had always wondered what kind you did. Drawing realistically must be incredibly hard to do, at least that's how it always seemed to me. Manga style is a lot of fun though, I really want to get better at it so that if I ever came up with a good story, I could draw my own.

      Lol, now that you mention that, it kinda does look like a Parasect. Huh.

      I've got two battles going on currently, but I promised Quil I'd battle him and we're still waiting for our ref. (Someone agreed to taking it but at a later date or something). But both of my currently running matches are 2 vs 2's, one of them being doubles, so they should be over pretty quickly. Then, the showdown shall begin!!! XD
    10. CraziedCreator
      I think all guys in general are confusing, he just takes the freaking cake. :P
      WHHHHYYYYY CARIO! I thought we were friends! Such terribleness! D':
      (I think he calls it me since I might sorta kinda have a temper. Eh, it's his fault for making me mad. :P)

      Okay. To be honest, it's kinda spoilerly for me too, I just don't care. xD
      I did. For like the tenth time in my short life. @_@ That and I already have some friends. Friends that I met while I was in that summer program.
    11. Liltwick
      The Lost One's Weeping.

      Yeah, that's true...

      That's awesome :D
    12. Liltwick
      Ah, that's weird...

      I know you wont, but I'm really competitive and this horrid losing streak isn't helping my psyche...
    13. Apollo77
      Out of curiosity, what kind of art do you mainly focus on?

      I usually change mine once a month or so, but I know you've had yours for a long while. Just find a pic that strikes your eye, and try to say something fitting about it.
    14. Apollo77
      You're welcome, I'm glad you went! Though I think that even though there isn't a focus on art, because of the prestige of the school they're bound to have a good program.

      Oh, thanks! When I pick my Avis I always find myself drawn to the diamond and pearl anime section, there are always a lot of good pics like this one there.
    15. CraziedCreator
      No, I know. But the guy still confuses me to no end. I just felt the need to state it, that's all.
      (Speaking of Wick and Karkat, he keeps calling me 'Karkitty'. I swear one day I'll find him and it will not be pretty!) Dave is pretty.... cool. /shot Heh, sorry. xD
      I've listened to some, and me likely. :3

      No, but it is good. I know a Homestuck version, but that has spoilers. LOTS of spoilers.
      I started the same day you did. New school (again) but I like it so far. I think it'll be an interesting year.
    16. Liltwick
      HELL NO. Most English covers are crap. that's why you learn the subtitle~

      Ah, alright.

      Hey Luka, I need that win horrible. I'm like at, -6 .-.
    17. redpanda15
      I don't mind at all! I never asked Jeri for permission, and Lost kinda does the same thing. And I will get to reffings.
    18. Liltwick

      Same here XD. Also, good :3. I suggest starting with Life Cheating Game.

      Will do >.>
    19. Liltwick
      They're either really boring and a push over or they're really stressful.

      Well, no, not exactly. Just go into Voclaoid an you'll love it, I know you will. Ablums such as Kemu's Voxx are a good place to start :p
    20. Liltwick
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    Canalave City, Sinnoh
    Homework. It's always homework.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Homestuck, violin, ukelele, music, manga, anime, drawing, snowboarding, reading, writing, nature


    You know that at some point you've wished you could battle like a trainer in the Pokémon anime. You probably dismissed the thought as a passing fantasy, but did you know the Pokémon Anime Style Battling League allows you to do just that? It's true! Read up on how to get started, and if you have any questions the Q/A thread awaits.
    Hope to see you around the PASBL!​