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  • Eeyup XD

    It does
    Most likely yes

    Ahh, my overall I'll crush you stragety? I've always been the one who was a more offensive person, even as a kid. It's good to hear that, considering I just did a three mover where Cassien will be in serious pain... (Imagine having a gash in your stomach, then having it being severly damaged back to back)

    Night Luka, I'l l talk to you later
    Yeah, I listened to a bit, and I liked Creep in a T-Shirt and Modern Jesus. I can definitely see a trend in the music you listen to, you go for those high, almost eerie vocals and lots of dissonance.

    Yeah, Scuba Diving requires you to take lessons before you do it, and even then, I'd probably have a panic attack under there or something. The reefs down there are like preserved, you can't go in some areas, only around them. I'm sure you will someday, if there's a will there's a way! Yeah, I had a great time.

    Nah Man... She's somewhere else, being what she is now, not what we knew her as.
    Ooh, that would be cool.

    I do...? Can you explain how so? Maybe it's because of I also fight competatively? I swear Zero forgot about our pokemon being poisoned
    Well, maybe. I seriously hoep not

    Absol-utley nothing. Oh great I just reminded myself of Slayer. Though I have been writing... when I can. I hope our PASBL battle is updated soon. I'm surprised that Shinx has lasted this long considering you have the clear advantage in typing (Unless I can lure cassien into the water and Thunder destroy him)

    THat's good

    I messaged her on dA at the beginning of this month... No response. I'm starting to get worried about her
    Same here so I wouldn't know, and I know, right!?

    A little bit

    True, true

    Yup, hopefully that works out well for you Luka!

    Please think about it. But if you get one now, I really doubt me being able to talk much.

    I'm sorry that you were disappointed. :( But, let's face it. Regardless of what it is, the book will always be better than the movie. It's a given. But yeah, I do love the game-like things in the movie. I know that I should, but I have other things that I want to read. D:
    You're welcome Cario.
    That too lol, though I intend to be on the giving end rather than receiving :/ I don't mind though.

    Wow, all of it? That's pretty rare... I'll go listen to that now.

    Well that's good know, I'll probably like it then.

    Yeah, it was an amazing experience! It's a beautiful island, relaxing but always filled with something to do. I went snorkeling, went sailing for the first time, went to a waterpark there, and of course just enjoyed the beach. The most interesting thing was probably when we were going snorkeling, and we went out to this reef sorta far off shore, the ocean was pretty rough, so when I went into the water and looked down for a second, I looked back up and saw the boat was a lot farther away than I thought! I saw some awesome fish in the ocean too, there were tons by the reef.
    One you have 10 KO's and 30 TP you become TL2. I'm somewhere close to that. And yeah, the damage was what got me. I'll get to it at some point.
    I actually love CDs because you can then upload the CD to your iTunes library so you have it both ways.

    No, I've never heard of them, though that's a pretty cool band name! Have any recommendations of theirs?

    I haven't gotten around to reading yet, I really want to know how it ends! (No spoilers, of course!! But I know you wouldn't do that)

    Uhh, I'm not quite sure, I've never had a clam cake before. I mean, Jersey isn't exactly known for its seafood, so I doubt it, but I'm sure it's possible, since we do have crab cakes. Speaking of seafood, I just came back from vacation in Turks & Caicos, and they've got some GREAT seafood there!

    Actually, I thought that sounded better too. I'll go ahead and set it up if that's alright with you.
    How many Pokémon each? Equiall?
    Nope. No video chats. Just this chatroom-like thing and voice chatting.

    I really hope that you can watch it. It's so funny. :3

    I think/feel like I did good. Good luck on yours when you get to it!
    I'm a fan of Panchum and Xerneas' design. Talonflame is cool, and I can't wait to see the Starter Evos.


    Though the time off might have been fun....

    Oh wow... I'm too lazy so three might be difficult for me, honestly. Thanks Luka!

    We mostly IM but from time to time we all do a voice chat. Apollo, Lone, and Zeph are in the group and Spiral is getting a skype whenever she get one.
    What do you think of the new pokies?

    Yea... I'm just guessing it's phase. I don't know honestly

    Ahh wow that does suck, hurricane and snow days certainly do rack up.

    Wow... All I'm doing is Honors English next year for advanced stuff. Though senoir year I'll have AP Bio, AP English, and AP Calc. I hope you're able to take both classes, Studio Art sounds really interesting Luka. End of hte year projects always d osuck in my opinion, they're some of the most creative and my creativity is almost always burnt out by it. That's good ot hear two are already done.

    Yea, pretty much 24/7 actually
    You just made me smile, thanks Luka.

    Nothing much, just going through some serious Melancholy. Yea, I am pretty much. I know you're still in school, that sucks. How have you been as of late? It would be nice for you to join our skpe chat group, wait, didn't I already ask you about it XD ?
    My friend is also a Homestuck fan so i've been reading it more. It's entertaining.

    "Nightshade" is a type of ivy and i love nature, and "Toxic" is because i love the type and I think of myself as a toxin; just my awkwardness i guess. :p
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