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  • If thats from pasbl.upnetwork then its outdated. And I think so because thats ow it was reffed in another battle of mine.
    You definitely are and you're just being modest You're in AP art, that's gotta count for something. Plus I'm jealous of a lot of people's art styles, they all look so much better than my own.

    Hmm, I'd say it's up to you really. I don't really vm Lit or Kat other than rare circumstances tbh, but either way is fine with me.
    *looks up Megatokyo* Wow, you can draw like that? I'm jealous...

    No problem. now I can harass you for reffings XD

    No, I haven't, but having listened to it I'd say it's too quiet for my tastes.

    And YAAAAAAYYYYY you're on Skype!
    Well, you're required to use your real name at first but you can easily change it. Your account name is different from your screen name. So my skype name (the one to look me up) is CandleReaper, but on skype it shows my name as Lost™.


    Alright, what are they? You can easily find me on Skype as CandleReaper btw.
    Good, good. Wouldn't want you to get hurt; I may have to take a plane to teach someone a lesson. :p
    BUT you should know 110%! :p

    I see no point in telling him. I wouldn't be surprised if he even tries to do it on purpose after I tell him.
    Well I was told that you were tall.... So maybe you could crossdress if your you-know-whats aren't too big.

    No more logging on here to talk to you. I honestly don't want to log on here anymore.
    It's medium speed. And we won the soccer game 4-0, with an assist for the first goal by me. Thanks for asking!
    Yeah, I definitely need a lot more practice. Yep, that's him! I'm really jealous of his style, as well as that of a lot of people on DA. My style is like an amalgamation of a bunch of styles I admire.

    Alright, looking forward to the battle! Also, I saw you applied for refs yourself, good luck if you didn't take the test yet!
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