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  • Overall just the first ew weeks transitioning into it

    Act 5 Part 1. So can ye get the Skypy?
    Yeah, I only got an info session at Harvard, but there were maps for self-guided tours that showed us a lot.

    Most private schools in my area do orientations for all grades. And yep, it went well.
    Oh, so it's not as accurate as mine, but still I'm glad Lucario fits.

    I'm sure you'll really love it, it's a great school.

    My first day was today, though it was just an orientation; my first actual day of classes is Monday.

    He actually tried it. He said he hated it without reading it. The guy still confuses me. I'm not really one to pick faves. But Karkat's cool, I can't wait to get to the part when he meets John. I have a feeling that it'll be priceless. xD
    Thanks for the links. I'll tell you what I think about them someday.
    Make sure to check out a lot of your favorites, because there are a lot that fit.

    His favorite was Harvard, but he liked Northeastern and Boston College a lot as well.
    Still, some Pokemon Personality things are actually scary accurate. Lit showed me this site that has a lot of pokes on it, and all my favorites are completely accurate about my personality!

    Yeah Boston's pretty good, they're an old rock band. You probably have heard this song before.
    We visited Northeastern, Boston College, MIT, and Harvard, they were all pretty nice, but Harvard was really incredible. That's true, but I think I prefer New York's streets to Boston's because the grid gives me at least some sense of where I am.
    Oh, I didn't? Sorry...

    So I was just wondering, where else do you post around here? I figured the only way I was gonna spread my rainbow and PASBL signature was if I tried something new, so I was just looking for suggestions.

    P.S. We got another new guy for rainbow! Hurray! Now I just need to get in gear and actually start fixing it up again. Oh, and our tourney shall be starting right now since you're back!
    Getting sneaky eh? I like it. :3

    I started reading about two weeks ago. Wick told me it was awesome so I decided to check it out. I already passed him though. xD He's in Act 5 too. Good luck on the horns if anyone is going to be a troll. They look like they would be hard to do.
    Umm....no. I actually have no idea of how to listen to the music. xD
    Lol really? I never used to think that the pressing down with your finger thing really had to do with the test, but I guess it does if that happened! (But if you have a fiery personality, why didn't you get a fire type?)

    Hmm, I was expecting a song by Boston from that link, and instead I got an Olive Garden ad a song called Boston. Anyway, I was there to visit colleges since my brother is gonna be a senior. The city is really nice though, but the streets are soooo confusing.
    I may just look up funny ones for the hell of it.

    I get Bulbasaur in every PMD game I play, so I think I must seriously have some sort of connection.
    Good luck! (Though of course I'm rooting for Quil too)
    Alrighty, enjoy your trip! I actually just was away for a few days in Boston.
    It's a program but yeah. Sorry that I'm been crazy inactive but I just never feel like logging on anymore. Have you made a Skype?

    Lately, Homestuck. I'm already on Act 6.
    Lol I used to remember tons of ridiculous emoticons, but they slip my mind now.

    Hmm, I think Explorers of Darkness would be the same way, but I remember because I had a water type partner I'm both games I played.
    Oh yeah, ghosts are really different here. It should be really fun to experiment with playing as Gastly to see what I can and can't do.
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