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  • Hi, Lass El! We're reviving Wild Future on UPN, and I've written an update for your adventure if you're interested. If you'd like to continue, I can provide more updates for you.
    Yea but zones are different...lol, nah I am grateful for what I have and I wouldn't trade them for anything now.
    You should probably change your Spearow image so it's animated like the rest of them, cool catch btw! I wish I were that lucky.
    Hey sup. Are you planning on keeping your Scyther? If not, I would absolutely love to take him and I'm willing to offer 3 candies for it. I'm willing to offer more, if necessary.
    That is pretty funny. Livermorium is not what i would probably name a Ferrothorn if I had one, but i still like it nonetheless.
    We all do...we even made a thread called, Hatchers' Anonymous.
    Thats what I thought too when I got my first capture, turned out I didn't like it as much as I thought; well this is different, yours is a Rare hatch.
    Its your choice, I went for a want of mine which happened to be a Larvitar, I got lucky of course for it just being a regular hatch.
    lol No problem but I was going to suggest you look at the first few pages of the Egg house, because back in April the same pass was handed out to many individuals and I thought that could clue you in on what may hatch from an Rare Egg if you wanted a certain pokemon obviously you can't ask for a certain pokemon but you can ask for a certain type..
    Aahahah ^_^; Oh man, this name, this name. I would've been eleven when I signed up, just picked three pokemon I liked at the time (still do, but Spearow's the official favourite). Feels kinda weird now, but it's nostalgic at the same time, horrible spelling and all.
    Hey long time no see. Do you still search for shinys?

    EDIT: I also evolved your Firaga, it was level 14 and it took a lot of clicking but I wanted to see it evolve.
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