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  • It was about 3 years ago, and luckily it was just once(at least in my secondary school life). Other than that, the holidays for my school start on 20's in November.

    Another thing, good luck for your shiny Skarmory hunting in GPX+. :)
    However, the secondary school I am studying in is an exception. Since the school is a private school, the year-end holidays for my school usually starts later than government schools. There was a year my school's year-end holidays only started on 1st December.
    Hello, are you having school holidays too?
    The year-end school holidays for Malaysian students have started since mid-November. This does not really affect SPM candidates like me that much, though. :)
    Lol, well I'm not really dead...I just have better things to do nowadays. Being one of the smartest in your grade isn't easy. :\
    So far, my schoolmates and I have faced the Bahasa Malaysia, English and Sejarah(History) papers.
    Usually in the public examinations of Malaysia, BM can be a challenge, due to the fact that it is Malaysian's national language.
    I don't find the English paper really difficult, mainly because I study in a private school which has English as the main language used. Also, I communicate with my dad by using English.
    Sejarah has always been my least favourite subject, I couldn't get straight A's in Penilaian Menengah Rendah(PMR) because I got a B in Sejarah. Therefore I'm really glad that the Sejarah paper is finally over. LOL

    Yes, the assistant monitor in my class is Indonesian, but she has been lived in Malaysia for years. My younger brother has a classmate who is Indonesian either.

    I hope I'll be lucky enough to get an event egg next time.
    I'm currently facing Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM), the public examination for Form 5 students in Malaysia. The exam has just started on 18th November, while the last day of exam depends on the subjects you have taken, but even the very last paper will be in December. The last day of exam for me would be ended on 14th December, which is Chinese Language.

    By the way, the assistant monitor of my class is an Indonesian too.

    Once again, congratulations for your Mew egg on GPX+. :)
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