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  • sama aja .. ^^ banner kan masih berupa gambar ..

    wo suka amu . aku suka utau ma yaya .
    kalo cowonya suka ikuto XDDDDDDD ma tadase [lucu pas pake rok :p]
    oh lupa . cara masukin gambar ke sig :
    tos ! kembar ! XD
    suka lucario, sama" 2smp , suka shucha pula XDDDD

    suka sapa di shucha ??
    Lol, it's not that great. I get bored at home... heh. Seriously, though.
    Yup, who're you gonna start off with? I think I'll get Chimchar again... since I like fire-types.
    i know it's still long, but maybe i can't to be really active here during Feb.23th until Feb.28th
    that's because my class have a tour during that time.
    if i have some time, i'm sure i have to active here, even not so much time
    as usual.

    kl mau tambah Mystery Dungeon dan Ranger

    1. Red Rescue Team
    2. Blue Rescue Team
    3. Pokemon Rangers
    4. Explorers of Time
    5. Explorers of Darkness
    6. Shadows of Almia

    Sebenarnya temenku punya Battle Revolution tp jarang ke rumahnya.
    1. Crystal
    2. Fire Red
    3. Leaf Green
    4. Ruby
    5. Sapphire
    6. Emerald (glitched T_T)
    7. Diamond (udah sampe Snowpoint erased T_T)
    8. Pearl (lagi dimainin)
    ooh . banner mah bkin ndiri . profile picture aku edit . tapi screenshotnya lupa dpt dari mana .. kalo ga salah serebii.net deh :D di prt-scr aja XD
    Don't worry

    Your friends will pay the price, eventually

    I got sports on Tuesday as well but I'm just okay at it.

    My best sport would probably be golf or bowling.
    At my school the max number of exams is 3 a day
    but most of the time we get two.

    My fave subject?
    Well of the subjects I chose
    I like all of them

    Except for English which is compulsory here :(

    I don't know which is my best subject though
    Lingers between science and maths :)
    The subjects I do are Physics, Chemistry, IT, SDD, English and Maths + Ext. 1

    My exams for them are in May IIRC

    Good luck with your exams
    btw, 4 exams in a day is a lot
    Yeah, they look pretty sweet... with their fancy wings and stuff. Can't wait till Platinum comes out. I already have 10 or so Giratina from Plat from other people, heh.
    So... what's up? School got cancelled over here since it was snowing a ton. Yup...
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