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  • no seriously, they sneak up on me and annoy me to hell DX

    ...and if they see me on this website now they would go and shout "ZOMG *insert my name here* is watching Pokemon!! 8D" so loud that the adults will hear... -_-;
    OKay I guess...

    School starts tomorrow for me X(

    ...and Mum dragged me out to a friend's house where I'm going to be annoyed by 4 year old kids... (I rather stay home and study.)
    You are right about the English version of HGSS. The exact release date is yet to be confirmed. For people like us who usually plays the English version and can't read Japanese, waiting will be our only chance now.
    Well for me its the holidays now but i have to study for finals. And i would love to stay but its like 12 30 so i need to get to bed so i can actually do some study tommorrow.
    Hmm, since HGSS are released(Japanese version, of course) now, it's not surprising that tons of people are using HGSS sprites as their avatar now. :)
    You are welcome. I would like to thank you for adding me as your friend in GPX Plus as well. :)
    I see, you are Indonesian right? Nice to see another SPPF member who is from South-East Asian countries. I am Malaysian.

    PS: Both of us are using HGSS Clair's sprite as our avatars now. Sweet. :D
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