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  • Thank you, but could you change it just slighlty please? I would like the actual dragonite picture on it, it just goes with the others better. And could you get the writing to go "Peter(top left) Red(top right) Generally Awesome(middle, a little underneath the other two)"

    If you could do this it would be great :D
    oh btw, if that dnite pic wont fit you can just use its head or something, idrc
    I can't really explain it . . . I just used a lot of background designs and C4D's and set them on different layer settings xD
    Just a reminder that your reservation for "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Shadows" expires in (approximately) 1 1/2 days.
    oh yah sure.
    1.Open a 450x150 sized canvas, or something else, it really doesn't matter
    2.Take your render, and paste it ALL OVER the canvas until THE WHOLE THING IS COVERED IN YOUR RENDER. Make sure to put each render on a new layer.
    3.Motion Blur (Filters>Blur>Motion Blur) all the renders.
    4.Take a brush that goes with your render and brush it over the blurred renders, on a new layer. Leave a few spots uncovered.
    5.Take the render again and paste it where you want on a new layer.
    6.Type the text and make the opacity low so the text is fading
    7.Type the same text, except leave the opacity the regular 100.0 and put it a little under the fade-y text
    8.Go to Select>All then Edit>Stroke Selection and set it to 10 px. Do it again except set it to 8 px and a new color.
    9.Set the border layer to Overlay, Screen, Addition, etc. Whatever looks good

    and that's all ^_^
    with your imagination

    Basically just plop it on a new layer by itself, play around with opacity and/or layer mode, move it around and if necessary duplicate it. It's perfectly fine (and not uncommon I must say) to have more than ten layers in a banner. :p
    Yup, pretty much. I try and look for ones with a black background as then you can set the layer mode on addition and it looks really cool. Planetrenders is a good place for renders. There's another site but I can't remember the name...I suggest you ask pupin. As for c4d's, I just use google and/or deviant art.
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