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Mar 22, 2018
Dec 1, 2007
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HGSS ftw!!!!!!, from Johto.....waiting

LucarioMan101 was last seen:
Mar 22, 2018
    1. J-Tech
      Friend Safari?
      FC 4957-2532-9731
    2. chuboy
      Oh yes, quite a nice challenge, but I will tell you know that the jerk is definitely not constant ;)

      The acceleration is given as a function of velocity, not time.
    3. chuboy
      Yes, it is. You asked for a challenge, I gave you one ;) At all points in time, the acceleration is equal to the velocity at that time. i.e. acceleration = k*velocity, which is kv for the turtle and akv for the athlete.

      The challenge arises because the velocity of the turtle/athlete depends on the acceleration, but the acceleration depends on the velocity...

      Assuming the turtle and the athlete start running at a speed of v and av respectively, it is straightforward but not simple to determine the overtaking time. You can have a go if you want or I can give you a solution if you are interested :)
    4. chuboy
      Ok, let the acceleration of both the athlete and the turtle equal a constant k * their respective velocity at that point in time.

      Now solve for t ;)
    5. ShinyFufu
      Dunno yet.
    6. ShinyFufu
      Thanks, I appreciate that.
    7. Dragonite 127
      Dragonite 127
      wanna battle?
    8. LoneStarAkira
      Aww, thank you! C:
    9. Yanappu
      In 9th and 10th grade at my school, we couldn't take AP classes, instead we took CP classes. (College Prep classes)

      I took..

      CP Alegebra 1, CP World History, CP Physical Science, CP Biology, CP English 9, CP English 10, CP Geometry, CP American History, AP Europeon History, AP US History, AP Chemistry.

    10. Yanappu
      AP European History

      I am a Senior.
    11. Yanappu
      Well, the AP class I took it for had a horrible teacher. Instead of actually..you know..teaching us and preparing us for it, she just taught us and I quote, "what I felt like teaching you" and just gave us a packet a week before the exam to study.


      Got a 3 though! So I still got credit.
    12. Yanappu
      I've only taken 1. AP exam before.

      Paying 89 dollars for an exam is a lot of money for a poor kid!
    13. Yanappu
      I'm in high school.

      I am in AP US History, AP Chemistry, French 1 (for the GPA boost), Pre-calculus, Lunch, Honors Government (had Honors Economics last semester), Study Hall (had Forensics last semester), and English 12.

    14. Yanappu
      Ugh. AP Calc. I sat in that class for a day because I knew the teacher and I didn't want to go to study hall.

      Calculus..it doesn't look fun.

      I'll just stick to AP history and science classes for now o.o
    15. pokemonmaster2222
      hey wanna battle no legends
    16. Ampharos_Spark
      Thanks for the congrats! Thanks also for telling me about my typo. I fixed it now. :D
    17. Yellow Torterra
      Yellow Torterra
      Thank you for the compliment, but I don't like people whoring over religious subjects.

      Sorry if you find it offensive, but that's the way I roll.
    18. I like Pikachu
      I like Pikachu
      How is being a member on another forum heresy?
    19. megaman12
      whats you doiiiiinnnnggggggggggg!
    20. megaman12
      whats you doing?
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