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  • Hmm, where did he get that raw J text from, not sure.
    Speculation is still speculation unfortunately.
    Interesting find still...
    What's that post on the Amourshipping discussion? Source?
    It seems a really interesting thing, out of the blue, and no staff is aware of it.
    I've read it a bit, (Not perfect in the nihongo), and it really seem interesting.
    (Also, I would rather say サトシは本当に本当にスゴイです for #646 on Amourshipping discussion)
    Mmmm... @ScienceIsSoAmazing , From Pokemaster (a spanish forum about Pokemon) someone who knows japanese brought the translation, and pretty sure he confirmed they confirmed the translation. Those anons sometimes like to do ****posting.


    Read the whole page. The user with the avatar of Kirito from SAO is the one who knows japanese and very fluent. He even went to see the Dianshi movie to japan.
    Hey, what's up? So an anon on 4chan vp thread says the tweets about Tomioka and Satosere were mistranslated? Here is what the person says:

    10/29/14(Wed)20:43:21 No.21516532
    >>21516477 #
    "It was just some fan speculation, because the writers never seem to come out and talk about the anime."

    "The thing with Tomioka being a fan of Amour was just a mistranslation, in the it ws meant to say a fan likes what Tomioka is doing with the pairing, not that Tomioka has a preferencemone way or the other."

    Are we sure the original translation we had was correct? Can we find someone else who can translate it just to be sure?

    One more request here (and this is just a fan article mind you), but this says something about the number of episodes in relation to Serena's and Ash's goals.

    I was actually more interested in if Serena showed any interest in catching it. What did Bonnie say that embarrassed Serena so much?
    Some people are discussing on 4chan why Serena blushed when she was in the room talking about Luxio. She seemed to get embarrassed over something.
    Curious as to what this people are saying about Shinzo Fujita. Mind taking a gander?



    and what this is saying..

    I think that the XY series is going to have big surprises the next late Winter or early Spring.

    Do you think that any of the travelling c.ompanions could leave before in the middle of X Y series?

    I aren't surprised if someone decides to leave the cast. It would be pretty funny to have a main cast of only Sato +Sere.
    About Pokemon Performer being Serena's goal.

    For one thing, the episode summaries and the new ending (DreaDrea) heavily hinted that Pokemon Performing is actually going to be Serena's goal starting from XY47.

    However, the description that Shauna give about Pokemon performer said that you'll need each type of tournament 3 times just to enter the Master Class. And Shauna give the sensation that there's a lot of categories.

    The only way that I currently see Serena taking the path of becoming a Pokemon performer is that she leaves the cast to become a Pokemon Performer (with shipping drama just before the departure).

    However, the chances of Serena leaving in the middle of XY should be zero. But I found in this page it says that Serena hasn't had gotten any new anime role this year (her only other role was Yuri Usui, who already appeared in CardFight before 2014).

    Athough I admit that it would be very weird to give a goal and an Serena's theme only to leave a few episodes after.

    Apart that the possibility is really low, we need another female companion (Just Eureka doesn't work) to replace Serena.

    What I actually think that will happen? I'm counting this in Spanish:

    "Yo creo que Serena va a ser un "Pokemon performer" de facto. En otras palabras, yo creo que Serena participará en mas torneos de "TriPokalon" en el futuro e incluso podra ganar una cinta pero no se pondra en serio con la categoria de "Master Class" hasta el final de la serie XY, cuando Serena se separe de Satoshi y compañia."

    And what I think of the TriPokalon themselves?

    I think that the first time that we see them will be very interesting. But I think it will get boring very fast, specially if she does the required amount of tournaments to enter the Master Class.
    About some of your ratings.

    Even though I don't agree with Dephender in the banning of TV ratings (at least permanently), I think that two of your negative data about ratings have some information that may be inaccurate.

    -1) Doraemon and Pokemon. Doraemon is the biggest children show in Japan since the 80s and this isn't going apparently to change soon. Doraemon is part of the Japanese culture. Pokemon (and any other children show) can't compete with Doraemon.

    Also, with that series, you don't have to follow any story (well, there is, but it isn't the main part of this show) , meaning that you can watch one episode, miss 3 episodes and not missing anything.

    I found that Doraemon could be a factor: Doraemon usually releases movie every year in March. But this year has had a release on August, given two factors.
    1) Pokemon has had to compete with Doraemon (a show where you lose 1vs1).
    2) Many Doraemon fans are watching this movie because in earlier years they didn't have the opportunity to do so because the movie aired in March and April. (I read that children in Japan are more busy than in the West, even on weekends).

    About the 3,6%, I considetr this date an rare data. i think that the Tv rating of the episode isn't much lower (or much bigger) than the ratings of episodes around it we can technically ignore the low date.

    And about the rest of TV ratings, the ratings of the later episodes are literally 5,1 and 5,2%.
    Thanks for the response! She said a fan made them for her, though, in the tweet... so I don't know if that means she supports the pairing. It's pretty common for manga-ka and seiyuu and stuff to show stuff that fans made them, by way of thanks. What kind of comment did she make on the radio show?
    Hey, I have a question for you from the Amourshipping thread: where did you hear that Rika Matsumoto prefers Pokeshipping over other Ash ships? Do you have a link to a source? I mentioned it in the Pokeshipping thread, and they asked... Didn't feel like it was a question for y'all's thread, though :).
    This week was a very special case. The week of 15th August is where Japanese people celebrate the end of World War II and because that, there's holiday's time. Notce that on 15th august, the pokemon.co.jp weren't updated at all, even though game Freak revealed Mega Audino in Games.com

    Fir the record, there are weeks where the shows always gets lower ratings than usual.
    -Episodes airing in Christmas. If you see an episode on 24/25th December, it won't get good ratings.
    -Episodes airing in Golden Week (29th April-5th May)
    -Episodes airing in the middle of the summer, specially around 15th August.
    What do the folks over in Japan (from what you can tell), think about the quiz on the site having one of the options be Serena wanting to be Ash's bride?
    The good thing is that the movie ranked 1st in number of visitors.

    However, there's a drawback. The movie has gotten 393 million yens in the weekend. Last year, in the same weekend, the Genesct movie, got 486 million yens.

    Yes, the movie is doing 20% less than the Genesect movie, of all movies. However, the XY episodes that aired since April has gotten a 33% of more ratings compared to last year and has only earned a 5% drop of audience compared to the first year of Best Wishes.

    What failed in the promotion of the movie?
    "sore relationship"..? Compared to classmate dynamics of SatoKasu and actor of SatoHaru?

    What does "sore relationship" even mean lol? They get along fine.
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