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  • My lameness is written in the oldest dictionary, you know. Even the book of Genesis has a passage detailing how lame I am. And hehe, nice introduction! *applauds* ^_^

    What's wrong with diabetic kittens? I had to give them CPR, don't you know. =(
    Lol, no, we haven't. Well, it's nice to do so now, anyway. *bows* =)

    Gosh, I think I'm the only Misc mod who hasn't been in the job for a long time, actually. I guess that'd make me comparitively new, yup. And nice? Pfft, just because I save the lives of diabetic kittens? Ethan's too kind~
    Yeah I know what you been. I miss the days where I was really active here. As geeky as it sounds lol.

    I started Uni last week now =D It's awesome! Were doing all sort of art types that I hadn't even thought of before! Loads of fresh ideas coming my way and I'm making a few friends too ^_^

    Hows senior year going? You started yet? And even more important: Did you get to see Dark Knight?!!!!?
    I'd talk but LOL SPP Staff is serious business :p

    I quit Best Buy back in January, I'm working at Target (and probably going to quit soon) to move to Central Oregon. I get bored with my jobs so quickly but I need the money for school haha...
    Yea I got irritated (also amused) by all the drama. Also my job is making me busy sooooo I took a break and stuff :]

    Also yea feel free to drop me messages just it might take ages for me to respond. Nothing personal I am just slow :]
    Oh, I've just been lately and couldn't really be bothered to put effort into chatting with people on MSN. Oh yeah, I sure am friendly. =P
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