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  • How did you guess XD

    =O dood! You need to see it! It's the awesomness!

    I'm not too bad. Alot of work to do for college, BUT I'm not too shabby. How about yourself? =D
    Haha, yeah I don't know how much help I can be since we don't live anywhere remotely close to each other. xD Sorry?

    And stress sucks, though I personally like being busy... I'm relatively stress-free at the moment, but that's going to change once I move and school starts and blah blah blah.
    Yep, still involved in theatre! I'm actually attending a theatre conservatory this coming year in college-I'm majoring in Lighting Design.

    So how are you doing?
    Inactive here, Gaia, or both? Heh, I just returned to Gaia after two years. Accounts aren't deleted so you can become inactive and continue when you find interest again.

    Yeah I don't really come on SPPf anymore lol =(

    Haven't been up to much. Just got heaps of school work and stuff to do. How about yourself?
    I only check MySpace to see if I have messages, I don't always have time for MSN, and this place goes down sometimes. I'd say your best bet is through e-mail (it's what I use for MSN). Or I could invite ya to Gaia and we could talk there since I'm on that a lot.

    Nothing much going on here. How 'bout you?
    I call you a ferret-badger hybrid and you say I'm covered in chocolate! ;~;

    What does that mean anyway? haha
    Well, my mom got a new job in San Francisco. But since it's such an expensive city, I come with her to help with the money. Since I can easily get a transfer from the Whole Foods Market I work here to the one in...possibly Oakland.
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