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  • Well, it's benefited you greatly lol. I can give you some actual, substantial feedback after watching the battle video. I will dude :)
    Thanks dude. I've studied a lot of videos on YouTube to get me prepared. I appreciate it and thank you for the feedback. Any time you want to battle just hit me up :)
    There are some good pOkEmAnZ i OU, now. You're really good for just starting out, you battled just as well or better than some "experienced" battlers here. I saved the battle video, so I'd have to watch it in order to give you proper feedback. But it's safe to say you have a good team lol. Hell, I'd say you have the strategical mindset to pull of a win with a mediocre team. I'll def hit you up for another battle sometime soon. Just be sure to have a new team to keep things fresh.
    I'd say the 4 HP win is pretty hard to rival. Guess it is your lucky day. I still can't believe I didn't go for the recover first. I was thinking about it, but then decided not to to get things over with. The battle was getting long, and I was confident a psychic would do the job. But alas, no such luck haha.
    Yeah, I figured you'd try to sneak one in then. But then I thought you might predict me to predict you to use psychic then I'm glad I went with my gut. It pays not to over think things sometimes. The fact that Reuniclus is OU really didn't put you at any disadvantage though.
    This battle really opened my eyes to the mechanics of UU battles. I've only had one or two, and they weren't against the best opponents. There's a lot more strategy involved in UU. I think I prefer it.
    Awesome game man. I have to say though, luck has not been on my side lately lol. How much HP did your Roserade live that last Psychic with? I thought I had it won after living your giga drain. I was face-palming when I saw it survive by the skin of its teeth lol. I even considered going for recover, but I thought it'd be safe to go for psychic since I was up one CM.
    I'll meet you back in there. Exit, go back in, and then seek a battle in the mean time. Hopefully it'll work this time.
    My PC is so cluttered, that I couldn't find another UU poke without having to spend awhile looking. So I grabbed one OU out of haste, hope that's ok.
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