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  • Danke shön for the bday greetings, Ludi! Yes, t'is true. I have almost no reason to be here any more, save reading a few fics. But saying hello to all my old pals is very nice, too!
    It's because end of year sucks until christmas D:
    And lol thanks for the messages again ^^
    Oh, hi! and I like that! ^^ "Volting Raimundo", I may use this somewhere =D

    And it's been hum, busy D: I'll have a test for a college I REALLY wanna enter not next Sunday, the one after it (Oct 19th) so I am studying for it. .. but I should study more I think >_<
    In Pokémon I'm breeding for a Timid Eevee with HP Ice... no NOT for Jolteon xD
    But I "stopped" it for a while to play some Wii... which has also been consuming my study time D= Modding has been different, I get some laughs with spammers/noobs, stress with flamers, different, very!
    Well, basically this. I went to USA in August. Florida, I spent 15 days there, and went in the many parks they have. It was really unforgettable! Other than this, it's pratically the same >_<

    How about you!? It's been a while :D
    Happy Birthday I guess.
    I wonder how many posts people like you would have if Face-Offs counted for posts lol
    Yay! It's Ludi-Loco's birthday!
    Happy birthday Ludi-Kero!! Hope you have a nice day!

    Oh and must not forget, *Trows electric confetti* =D
    Hello~ Well yeah I think I don't have your MSN? Or was it that you don't have my new one...? >< Add ebichan@live.com and I'll try to get your old one unless you got a new one too?
    Lol xD Even though Jack Spicer is my favorite, Raimundo is very cool too!
    But Dojo is also great... well, the cartoon is =D Too bad it's over >_<
    Ha! I KNEW you'd remake the Electric Club on the boards! That's why I played it safe and just made the Electric Pokemon Group in Social Groups. XD
    Hey Ludi! I heared, you're going to be the next owner of the Electric Cub huh!? Congrats! You deserve it ;D
    and thanks! I bet the 1000 visits are all because of the battle forum. some people look in the profile to find out some tips on opponent's team xD
    I must thank you on your votes in my Face-offs too :D
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