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Recent content by Ludicoconut

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    Which Gen 8 starter are you most excited to choose!

    For me its a toss up between Grookey and Sobble
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    Sun or Moon? Which version are you getting?

    I've always gone for the blue ish version since i first started playing the games, so Moon it is for me
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    Alola Region Discussion Thread

    For 30 seconds I was list wth is this but I can whole heartedly agree I need this 35 foot pokemon right now.
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    These new designs are all off the chain! So far in this gen i haven't seen one that I really disliked, they all just seem so personable. Also hope they don't reveal too much though it seems they've been keeping a real tight lid on evolutions of all the revealed Pokemon so hopefully that stays a...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    I know Poison/Fire was heavy speculation for Litten but with the Salandit reveal today I'm not holding out too much hope for it anymore
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Finally a bug type that won't be weak to fire. Please let cutiefly have a three stage evolution.... Also kinda mad that some random fish gets a water psychic typing and Golduck can't!
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    New Moves & Abilities Discussion Thread

    Bruxish's ability seems to stop priority moves?? That is freaking amazing.
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Bruxish looks like a Relicanth that got some bad botox
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    Gameplay Graphics Discussion Thread

    There is SO much more life in battling now its unbelievable. To the verbal and visual queues for a pokemon to attack to the changing idle animations. And the fact that there is a more vivid sense of scale now between pokemon and trainer is really astounding, my jaw dropped when I saw that teeny...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    There is a genus of luminescent beetles known as Pyrophorus, part of the clicker beetle family, they light up with two dots when threatened, excited to see what Grubbin could possibly be based off of. I love this point of the reveal cycle because its literally anyones best guess :D
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Hoping against hope that Grubbin's final evolution isn't lackluster like Butterfree, Beautifly, Ledian etc, would be nice to have a decent starting bug that does well competitive wise
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Think Rowlet is going to be the speedy physical attacking starter of this gen
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    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    I love the sense of scale and immersion they are now giving you by having your character proportionate to the pokemon you currently have battling, really awesome.
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    New pokemon! Yungoos! Its smile is so disgruntling