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  • You kinda realise that my gym has at least 4 Pokemon a side during battles... right? O:

    EDIT: Abit late, mate. The slots have been filled. ._.
    Oh, I thought that the move used quite a large level, t and moves after took slightly more. That's why I'm only a C-rank
    Actually, MM has a point there; stat boosting moves don't take all that much energy, but they cause moves to cost more energy with the added damage.
    They are whole body-burns, the bulb was actually destroyed. And, in addition, the skull was fractured severely. Burns on a Grass type are not good either. Might lower it to 3, but ciratinly not 2.
    I know I'm not much of a Realistic ref, but 4 battles for broken bones and burns is a little extreme.
    Ah... Didn't know about yourprevious alias.

    I'm aming for PASBL's first theme guy, Fossil/Ancient theme, pokemon with links to ancient times, like Baltoy, all the fossil pokemon, and Bronzor.
    I've technically been around here for a lot longer than you actually - my original logon was Bulbasaur, and i acrewed a whole stack of points like four years ago (Like 20-something SP!!) - thus two extra wins for me now, and hey presto! Lvl 2
    You think I'm heading for GL? (*whispers* Psst, How did you know?) I don't want a theme Gym, I want Grass Pokémon - since I just adore them!
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