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  • Physical maturity is only part of being an adult Ludwig. But seeing as how you are not mentally mature yet, you are still a child. Being an adult is not just being able to make babies. But you'll learn that as you continue to grow into adulthood.
    I'm ignoring the failure of the definition not the definition itself. Ability to procreate does not make you a grown up. I don't expect you to understand the difference because you are still a child, an older child but a child none the less.
    Biological definition! Like I said, that distinction doesn't make a 10 year old grown enough to have a job, raise a child, take care of a home or go to war. Biologically you may be maturing, but you are still a child for a few more years.
    Like I said, You believe what you want. A 10 year old girl is still a child even if having her period. Considering that her body is still developing she is by no means physically done growing.
    Like I said, Biological maturity doesn't make a 10 year old ready to live on their own. Biologists are defining physical maturity. Emotional maturity is a different beast altogether.
    That's your opinion. Adulthood/Maturity is much more than whether you can get/cause pregnancy Ludwig.
    Emotional maturity is totally relevant. I know lots of "adults" that are more childish than the kids on this forum. For instance as a 16 year old you are not ready for the responsibility of raising a baby. Biology may dictate when a girl is able to have a child, but it doesn't determine if she is ready for the responsibility.
    Well be that as it may, Biological maturity and emotional maturity are not one and the same. And as you are not even half my age, you are but a child by lack of life experience.
    It's relative Ludwig. To the life I have lived, all 46 years, you are but a child. Sweden has some lax child labor laws because no 16 year old can do factory work here. Teenagers and adults make bothersome noise also, but that doesn't make me not want to have friends. As I said you haven't had to raise a child, from the sound of it you are not meant to be a dad, because frankly if the noise is a bother to you the changing of diapers and puke cloths is definitely not for you.
    If you are under 18 then by US law you are still a minor. Having children isn't a bother so you are a liar.
    LOL Until you have and raise some of your own children, you are the one who is a liar. And as you are only 16 you are still a child. I have a daughter older than you and a son over half yer age. Talk to me if you ever get the honor and privilege to raise one child.
    You never worked in a factory so you don't know that. You're still a child yourself Ludwig, don't be trying to lecture me on the pros and cons of being a parent, till you have your own brood.
    Having them has been a blessing! The bother is no more than the demands of a job, and the rewards are by far greater than any amount of coin or jewels.
    Because we didn't decide to not have children Ludwig. We decided to let nature decide if we were having kids. So we had 2 out of a possible 5.
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