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  • Yeah, he was. His sarcasm was evident to most. by not replying you did the right thing by not taking the bate.
    I'll have to look into that... I have to have my game in stand by for the street pass to happen yes?
    Nope no street passes at all. My son is the only local player I know and he's not enough to get me anything. Cresslia has not joined me either. No idea how many times I cleared the area. I have encountered & Battled Suicune 19 times.
    I still don't have all the Legends yet but got bored going back to the same areas over and over. and Suicune has mocked my every attempt to catch! I have failed 19 times to get him to join my team! I have 3 Rayquaza and 2 Heatran but Suicune just is stubborn as can be.
    Are you talking about Rumble Blast? If so. I don't know a quick way. It took me a few days to earn the capital to make rank 10.
    LOL No. No, they are not. It is an old monicker that I don't know the story behind Ludwig.
    The area where my machine is. The offices may have WiFi but the Machine Shop doesn't need it.
    If it isn't 'that much'... you should be able to do it first day all the time. But if it takes the better part of a year... it must not be easy that...
    Depending on how long he's been lifting, 75% of you body weight is quite a bit. I'd have to be lifting 225 lbs. so for someone that's 160ish, 125lbs is quite a lot of weight.
    Some folks want to remember a certain day, a wedding day for instance. so to remember it we get cards, flowers, cakes, whatever to show the that special someone they fondly remember the greatest day in their life. Honestly if you don't get it, you won't get it. So explaining it is wasted time Ludwig.
    Simply to remember a date of interest or importance. Your folk celebrate their wedding day every year I'd assume. 4th of July is again a US only holiday (won our independence from England)
    Consider it an anniversary. We celebrate Christmas and thanksgiving and 4th of July every year because it is an event worth remembering.
    You don't celebrate anything if yer not born in the first place Ludwig. So as far as holidays go, our birth is most important.
    Not today Ludwig. We celebrate our birth because we can. It's a big deal to some but as you get older it's not so much any more. I still enjoy the idea that I survived another year.
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